Focaccia: Take Two!


I first blogged about focaccia last year and since then I’ve made the recipe several times, and gradually over time the appearance and texture of my breads have improved.

Recently, I decided to make focaccia inspired by an Everything bagel. It’s still the same base recipe; all I’ve done differently is change up the toppings. For this batch I chose poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and a pinch of salt which are ingredients typical of an Everything bagel but then I also added some hot pepper flakes, black pepper and oregano. I was going to add some garlic and onion but I was afraid that they’d burn and become bitter in the oven.


I’ve also gotten a better camera since my last focaccia post so now you can see the interior of the bread much better. Check out those air pockets. The focaccia is crispy and crusty on the outside but light and fluffy on the inside with that lovely moist elasticity that you get from a really great loaf of French bread. It’s a lot different from other focaccia I’ve tried in the past. This recipe produces a bread that’s not as dense, heavy and dry and I like it better for that reason.

In my opinion, everyone should try this recipe at least once. It’s the easiest bread recipe I’ve ever come across because it requires NO KNEADING. All you need to do is mix some flour, water, salt and yeast together, then stir and wait, stir and wait, stir and wait. There’s no oil or fat in the bread itself either. The only oil in the recipe is used to generously grease the pan.

There have been times when my entire meal has consisted of focaccia, a little bowl of marinara to dip the bread, and a side salad. I just love bread so much! I can eat a whole loaf all on my own so now I double the original recipe and bake 4 loaves off at a time. The focaccia is at its peak straight out of the oven but the day old bread is great for sandwiches, too.