What’s Mimsy Eating? Compilation

I wish there was a candle that smelled like this!

When I think “Autumn” Pumpkin Pie springs immediately to my food-oriented mind. My “go to” recipe of course comes from Cooks Illustrated. In my opinion the fresh ginger makes a world of difference. Dried powder ginger has a spicy heat that I personally find harsh and unpleasant but what really sets the CI recipe apart from many others is the combination of pumpkin puree with sweet potatoes.

Without fail if I’m offered a choice between pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie I’ll always pick the latter. Pumpkin pie filling tends to be wetter and looser in texture whereas the starch in a sweet potato produces a filling that’s denser and more velvety. CI’s pumpkin pie recipe is the best of both worlds! Why choose one when you can have both! It perfectly blends the subtle sweetness of pumpkin with the creamy smoothness of sweet potato so it’s neither too wet nor too dry.

Whenever I make this recipe the same thought always occurs to me: why can’t someone put the fragrance of pumpkin puree into a candle? There are plenty of candles that call themselves “Pumpkin” but really all they smell of is cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. They don’t smell like pumpkin at all! True pumpkin is plantlike (duh) and light with a natural sweetness that has nothing to do with spice and vanilla. There’s a simple purity to it that so’s fresh, clean, and natural. Love it!


Jja jang myeon

I was inspired by Maangchi’s recipe for jja jang myeon (black bean sauce noodles). If you love Korean food you need to check out her cooking channel on You Tube.

I’ve tried instant jja jang myeon noodles but this was the first time I tried making it from scratch. Korean black bean sauce, like Chinese black bean sauce, is made from fermented soy beans. However compared to Chinese black bean sauce the Korean version is much milder and less salty.

The recipe makes A LOT of sauce. The first time I ate it over noodles but in general I’m not much of a noodle person (unless it’s pho or crispy, pan fried noodles!) so the next few times I ate it over rice (jja jang bap style). For me it’s always bread>rice>noodles. Hmm, I wonder if there’s a jja jang bread? I imagine that if there is it would be really messy to eat.


I’m a longtime subscriber to emilynoel83’s You Tube channel and blog. Recently she blogged about a bunch of quick and easy recipes she’s found on the internet. Now that’s my kind of blogger/vlogger! Beauty talk + Food talk = an awesome combination.

Of course I had to give a few of her recipe picks a try!

Chicken Enchilada Soup

The first recipe that caught my eye was the recipe for Chicken Enchilada Soup. So colorful, hearty and full of vegetables. It’s the kind of soup that tastes even better the next day!

Chicken Enchilada Soup

I followed the directions exactly; I even went to the Latin market especially to find dried ancho chile powder. There was none to be found unfortunately; all they had was whole dried ancho peppers so I bought those and ground them up in my coffee/spice grinder. Honestly, I don’t know if they were worth the trouble to find them; I don’t think they added much flavor. Actually the soup was good but a little bland so I ended up adding some taco seasoning which I think helped make the dish more flavorful but overall I was pleased with the soup. It’s definitely an easy soup to throw together since many of the ingredients can be bought frozen or canned. Plus it makes tons of servings!

Next I tried the recipe for Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread. Yikes, how unappetizing a name is that? I think “Garbage Bread” may be a regional name because I know here in New York and elsewhere around the country we call the same thing Stromboli.

This recipe was a definite winner in my household!

Buffalo Chicken Stromboli

To make the recipe even easier, instead of cutting up and cooking raw chicken breasts I substituted store-bought breaded chicken patties that I cut into chunks (I always have some sitting in my freezer for those lazy weekends). I must say though that I feel the chicken was unnecessary. The stromboli was delicious and filling enough without the chicken. I would’ve been perfectly happy just with the hot sauce, ranch dressing, cheeses and pizza dough. Vegetarians should definitely give this a shot (minus the chicken of course).

Buffalo Chicken Stromboli

As you can see I had a bit of a baking catastrophe. I think there must’ve been a tiny hole in the dough when I shaped it into a log because I ended up with a lava flow of cheese and sauce on the baking sheet. Good thing I lined the pan with foil because it would’ve been a b***h to clean up.