DIY Floral Wedding Corsage / Bridal Sash

Floral Wedding Corsage

My younger sister is getting married really soon and although I don’t have the skills (not even close!) to sew a wedding gown I was able to put together a floral wedding corsage/bridal sash.

She’s been lusting after several bridal sashes on Etsy. Shockingly they’re going for over $100 each. I would never shell out that amount of money for an accessory especially one that’s just going to be worn for a few hours! I may not be Project Runway-worthy but I know I’m crafty enough to make a bridal sash.

For reference, these were the inspirations:
Corsage #1: Zoomed In & Zoomed Out
Corsage #2: Zoomed In & Zoomed Out

I had a ton of scrap fabric, buttons and beads lying around. Add a pair of scissors, some needle and thread, and a hot glue gun and I had the makings of a corsage assembly line.

My sister plans on wearing the sash with a lacy, cream dress at her reception and she wanted a vintage-y floral corsage with cream and muted colors so I chose white, tan and cream with accents of peach, blue and green.

Floral Wedding Corsage

The large white flower may look complicated but it’s very simple. I cut a bunch of petal shapes and then ran the edge of each petal through a flame. Heat causes the edges to curl and look more ruffly. Then I sewed all the petals together into one long string and scrunched them together into a flower shape. A little bit of glue held it all together temporarily until I could fix them down more permanently with a needle and thread.

Floral Wedding Corsage

I had originally planned on adding a pearl and crystal brooch to the center of one of the flowers. It looked great but was too blingy and too much of a statement. Sis preferred something more understated so I swapped out the brooch and used some pearl beads and a pearly button instead to accent the floral arrangement.

Floral Wedding Corsage

I only had white lace so to get the beige lace I brewed up some tea and soaked a section of that white lace in it. Voila! Beige lace.

I have a passion for origami/paper folding so the tan flower was a cinch to make. It’s just one long piece of lace that’s folded onto itself around and around.

As you can see, this is still a work in progress. The next and final steps include placing the three flowers on a felt backing and attaching a large safety pin to the back of that. Sis hasn’t decided yet if she wants to wear it as a brooch/corsage on her dress or as a sash. If she wants to wear it around her waist I’ll have to attach the corsage to a wide satin ribbon. I think I also want to do some minor tweaking like trim the pleated blue section a bit and reposition the flowers.

Overall I think I did a pretty good job especially for $0 (since I had all the material already). It certainly beats spending $100+ on a fabric flower.

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  1. Wow! For having all the materials already it came out really well! Especially like the color combination!

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