Nail polish smaul (small + haul)

Left to right: NYC Flash of Pink, NYC Traffic Jam Orange, NYC Downtown Traffic, NYC Rush Hour Red, QRS Belmont Garden

The drugstores near me are always late in putting out the seasonal displays. These NYC polishes were spotted by others in June and July but I only saw them this past week in person.

Bright oranges, pinks and reds are my loves so those are the ones I gravitated towards and ended up buying. The NYC Expert Lasts that I purchased are all cremes except for Downtown Traffic which is a sheer orange shimmer.

I’ve said it many times already but NYC’s Quick Dry formula is my all-time favorite drugstore nail polish formula. This is the first time I’ll be trying their Expert Last formula but if the Quick Drys are any indication I’m sure I’ll like them, too. At least I hope so. *crosses fingers*

ETA: Oops, forgot to mention the NYC Quick Drys that I’ve bought since I went on hiatus.

Left to right: NYC High Line Green, NYC Peaches ‘n Cream, NYC Mint Macaroon

High Line Green is part of NYC’s core collection but Peaches ‘n Cream and Mint Macaroon were both from NYC’s limited edition City Sweets collection. Sorry about the bad lighting. Mint Macaroon is definitely more minty and not as blue in person.

I’ve also been on the hunt for a nice, non-shimmery green all summer and I think I finally found one in QRS Belmont Garden ($1.99). It’s just what I’ve been looking for: bright but not neon, not too blue, not too grassy green, and best of all a creme formula.

I’ve had pretty good luck with the QRS polishes I’ve tried so far. For the same price per bottle, the QRS definitely work better on my nails than Sinful Colors which tend to get goopy really quickly.

I know I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to but beauty products have simply lost a lot of their appeal. I haven’t really been as enthralled or inspired by cosmetics as I used to be. I’ve made a handful of makeup items and I intend to review them soon. However, candles and tarts are still an ongoing obsession with me and I hope to review and show you all the amount I’ve acquired since I last blogged. Perhaps you’ll become as obsessed as I am. Haha 😛