Walmart tart haul and Slatkin Summer Boardwalk

Wax haul

What no-buy? Was I supposed to be on one? Ha! Yeah, I know I promised I would limit myself to buying two tarts per Walmart trip but when I spotted some seasonal tarts that were supposed to be long gone by now and then some limited edition Mother’s Day tarts I went a little crazy.

I bought two more Better Homes and Garden tarts in Country Kettle Corn. I ended up really liking the one I got last time so I grabbed the last two from the store shelf when I spotted them this time. Country Kettle Corn has a great salty-sweet popcorn scent. Warning, though, the fragrance isn’t very strong but it’s good enough to fill a small room.

I’ve smelled but haven’t melted the following yet…

I didn’t think I would like Spiced Apple Wreath. I love apple scents but I don’t particularly like very spicy, cinnamon-y scents; they remind me of overpowering harvest potpourri. But I gave Spiced Apple Wreath a sniff and I’m so glad I did. There’s definitely some cinnamon present but the apple dominates and it’s not overwhelming at all.

Butterscotch Maple Cream smells just like the name.

Creamy Spiced Eggnog is a bit of a mystery right now because there’s not much scent to it cold. I get some creaminess but it’s subtle.

The ScentSationals Caramel Popcorn is the disappointment out of the bunch. I was so excited when I saw it on the store shelf because I thought it would be a good substitute for the seasonal Better Homes and Gardens Country Kettle Corn. I bought it unsniffed. Big mistake. When I got home and took a whiff all I smelled was cinnamon. Very strong cinnamon and no popcorn at all. Oh, well, lesson learned. Always smell everything before buying because names can be deceiving. If you check the reviews on the ScentSationals website one reviewer agrees that it is very cinnamon-y and goes so far as to call it a snickerdoodle scent. I think that’s being kind. I would say Red Hots candy. Maybe it’ll smell better when it’s melting though.

I was super excited to come across some of the limited edition collection of Mother’s Day tarts. I believe there are 12-15 different scents but I was only able to find about six or seven of them. I skipped the cherry scented Doctor Mom because it reminded me of cough medicine and the strawberries and cream scented Cherished Memories because it smelled very artificial. I also skipped the floral and oceanic scents (sorry, the names of those escape me). I seem to recall an orange scent, too, but it was a little too fruity for me. Instead, I gravitated towards the lemon and bakery scents.

My Mom is So Beautiful is described as “zesty lemon and orange blossom mellowed by vanilla” and that seems to be true. The vanilla really does tone down the citrus and floral. If it had been straight lemon I probably wouldn’t have gotten it. I prefer my lemon scents along the lines of lemon curd…edible, like you bought it from a bake shop.

My Mom is the World’s Best Chef is described as “baked apple and pastry — just like mom’s kitchen.” Not my mom. I can’t recall her ever baking apple pies or anything of the like. LOL The scent cold reminds me a lot of Better Homes and Garden Baked Apple Strudel, a scent that Walmart always seems to have in stock, so no need to go crazy trying to hunt down World’s Best Chef.

Warm Hugs is described as “freshly baked sugar cookies.” I’ve heard it said that the Better Homes and Garden Vanilla Sugar Cookies scent is similar but that was a seasonal scent and unfortunately I haven’t come across any of the BHG. I love scents that are good enough to eat so I decided to buy two Warm Hugs tarts.

Lastly, my friend and I took advantage of the Slatkin 14.5 oz candle 2 for $20 sale at Bath and Body Works together. She bought two candles and I chose Summer Boardwalk to try. With a $10 survey coupon it came out to 3 for $20, a much better deal than paying $19.50 per candle.

I was so excited to get Summer Boardwalk because I’ve heard amazing things about it. Seriously, there’s been so much hype surrounding this one candle. It’s supposed to burn well, be a unique combination of scents, smell delicious, and have fantastic scent throw. When I finally smelled it, though, I was slightly disappointed. The official scent description reads “like memories of the best summer spent at the beach — caramel-glazed popcorn, warm taffy-apples and salted, sweet cream.” Many reviewers have said that it’s Slatkin’s Salty Caramel plus apples. I’ve never smelled Salty Caramel; that was before I got into home fragrance but I’m positive I’ve smelled Summer Boardwalk before…and very recently.

In one of my recent blog entries I mentioned that I had purchased Better Homes and Gardens tarts in Green Apples and Country Kettle Corn. Well, shortly afterward I melted Green Apples. It’s a super strong, fresh apple scent and while I loved it I got tired of it quickly so I poured it back into it’s package. I admit that I didn’t do a very good job of wiping out the bowl before I placed my next scent, Country Kettle Corn, into it so when the new scent started to melt I’d still catch whiffs of apple. That’s exactly what Slatkin Summer Boardwalk smells like to me. It’s Better Homes and Garden Green Apples + Country Kettle Corn. I love the the mix of apple and popcorn in Summer Boardwalk but I feel like I’d already accidentally stumbled upon the combination on my own, so I’m not as wowed by it compared to other people.


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