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Wax Tarts

I went to Walmart over the weekend and picked up a few more wax tarts to use with my tart warmer. I know I promised only to get two tarts per Walmart trip but I just couldn’t decide which ones to get so I got all three.

The first scent I decided to get was BHG’s Green Apple. It definitely has a pure, crisp, fresh apple scent that doesn’t have any additional spices or fragrance notes thrown in.  It reminds me of apple peels specifically. You know, when you’re peeling an apple and you get that whiff of concentrated apple-y goodness. Exactly that. I’m actually burning it right now and, let me tell you, it’s strong! My tart warmer is in the living room and I can smell it all the way on the other side of the house in my home office, and I’m only using one cube! I think I’ll enjoy this scent more in the summer when I’m able to open a window and get some fresh air circulating. In a closed space this scent is a bit much for me.

Wax Tarts

I was excited to find some leftover tarts from the BHG seasonal and ScentSationals limited edition collections. I love citrus scents so I had to get Grapefruit Sage and I remember emilynoel83 on YouTube raving about the BHG Country Kettle Corn scent awhile back. She had the candle version that came in a big glass jar and I have the tart version but it’s the same fragrance from the same company. I can’t wait to try it out!


I had someone ask me about how the tart warmer works so I thought I’d show you some photos of it in action.

In the photo below I’ve placed one cube of the ScentSationals Cupcake scent into the warmer’s ceramic bowl. (I’ve mentioned it before but ScentSationals Cupcake smells exactly like Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix.)

As you can see, the cube is still solid at this point.

Wax Tarts

After about 10 minutes, the wax cube has warmed and liquified. If you’ve burned candles before you should be familiar with wax pools. Tarts work the same way minus the wick and flame. As the tart melts, the fragrance is released and scents the surrounding area.

Wax Tarts

I’ve also had a few people ask me what I do with the wax when I get tired of the scent. I actually pour it back into the clamshell packaging and let it re-harden so I can use it some other time. I find that I can get a good 2-3 uses (3-4 hours per use) out of a single cube. They’re quite long lasting and they’re only $2!

The circled area below is where I poured the liquified wax. I accidentally dripped a little in the center when I was pouring it back into the packaging but as you can see it looks almost like new.

Wax Tarts


I decided to get the Bodycology Enchanted Forest body mist while I was at Target the other day. It’s a little spicy compared to Twilight Woods for me but lots of people seem to enjoy it. Maybe it’ll smell better on the skin than it does in the bottle.

Body Mists

Now I have Twilight Woods and the two supposed drugstore dupes, Body Fantasies Twilight Mist and Bodycology Enchanted Forest. I’m going to rotate through the three scents over the next few days/weeks and try to see if they really are all that comparable in terms of scent and longevity.


Garnier Fructis

My newest BzzAgent BzzKit arrived this afternoon. The current campaign I’m involved in is for Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner for Frizzy, Dry, Unmanageable Hair. When I signed up I had a choice between the Sleek & Shine and the Triple Nutrition for Dry, Damaged Hair. I chose the former because although my hair isn’t dry, I do get a lot of flyaways so I thought these products might help tame them. It also helped that the Sleek & Shine contains Argan Oil. I’m looking forward to using these products when I shower in the mornings.

One odd thing is this BzzKit didn’t contain any extras. Usually, there are coupons or samples that I can hand out to friends but all that was included this time are the two hair products and the promo booklet. Oh, well.


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  1. So I decided to get a candle warmer from amazon. I found that oddly I don’t think it disperses the scent as well as a lit candle. I don’t know if it’s different wax tarts. Have you just used your warmer to warm a candle?

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