Random Buys

NYC Lexington Yellow

I’m still on a low-buy (the no-buy was a bust T_T ) until June but I did make a few purchases this past week.

My current favorite fragrance is Calgon Red Velvet body mist and I went out to get a backup bottle (not pictured). I didn’t think I would like this fragrance so much but it’s won me over and I’ve been using it everyday! When I spray it at first it’s okay but it’s not love. It kind of has a cream cheese frosting scent initially that’s sweet and creamy but a little tangy. However, once that cream cheesiness wears off after a minute, the dry down is fantastic. It’s sweet but not cloying or overpowering. I don’t know if I would say it smells like a real red velvet cake because isn’t red velvet cake just chocolate cake with red food coloring? Calgon Red Velvet doesn’t smell like chocolate or cocoa powder at all. It’s actually a subtle vanilla scent that’s just so warm and comforting. Calgon says it contains notes of vanilla, lemon zest and patchouli but I can’t detect the lemon or patchouli, and I’m usually very anti-patchouli and hate anything with it. But whatever the scent combination is, it works! Love it! Recommend it! Can’t get enough of it!

I also caved and purchased the newish NYC Quick Dry nail polish in Lexington Yellow. I didn’t want to buy it originally because yellows are notoriously finicky polishes and often go on streaky and sheer, but Duane Reade was running a special 99 cent sale on select shades of NYC polishes so I didn’t feel too guilty buying it.

QRS Erin Island

I’ve been searching for a mint green nail polish that works with my skin tone. A lot of mints seem to accentuate the yellowness in my skin causing me to look jaundiced. I spotted this QRS nail polish in the shade Erin Island at the beauty supply store and decided to give it a try.

Suave Everlasting Sunshine antiperspirants

A local drugstore finally started stocking the Suave Clinical Protection antiperspirant in the new scent Everlasting Sunshine. As I had predicted the regular strength antiperspirant just didn’t cut it for me so I’m looking forward to using the stronger version and seeing how effective it is. I already know I’ll love the scent.