Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review


I received a complimentary box of Truvia packets to test and review as part of my Influenster VoxBox.

What they say:

Truvía® natural sweetener is the first natural, great-tasting, zero-calorie sweetener born from the leaves of the stevia plant.

  • One packet of Truvía® natural sweetener provides the same sweetness as two teaspoons of sugar.
  • Truvía® natural sweetener is refreshingly uncomplicated. Add it to coffee and tea. Sprinkle it on fruit and cereal.
  • Truvía® natural sweetener is a great alternative for people with diabetes. It is also kosher certified.

Where to Buy
Truvía® natural sweetener is available nationally at most major retailers and in package sizes of 40-count, 80-count, 140-count and a spoonable jar. Find a store here.

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This was not my first experience tasting Truvia — I’ve tried products that contained Truvia as a sweetener — but this was my first time trying Truvia on its own without mixing it into anything else.

Visually, Truvia is a white, grainy substance. My usual sweetener of choice is white sugar and compared to that the Truvia is a much coarser grind.


Truvia claims that one packet of their sweetener equals two teaspoons of sugar. True dat! Truvia definitely tastes sweeter on its own, and when I put it into a cup of hot tea I need to use less of it compared to sugar. In addition, Truvia has an almost vanilla-like aftertaste unlike regular white sugar which doesn’t have much of a flavor at all.

While that may sound well and good, I happen to have sensitive taste buds (or perhaps it’s an allergic reaction) and I can almost always tell the difference between drinks that contain sugar substitutes/artificial sweeteners and drinks that contain real sugar.

When I taste drinks or foods that contain aspartame, Splenda, and saccharin I ALWAYS know without reading the label. Sugar has a clean sweet flavor that’s fleeting. But sugar substitutes like aspartame, Splenda, saccharin and Truvia are very sweet and leave a lingering sweetness that coats the inside of my mouth and the back of throat for hours! It’s the main reason I stay far, far away from “diet” or “zero calorie” beverages.

True story, years ago Walgreens had a killer sale on SoBe drinks. There was a Buy One Get One Free in-store deal and there was a Buy One Get One Free SoBe coupon which meant that you could get two drinks for nothing! I used that opportunity to try several different flavors of SoBe. Every flavor that I didn’t like and deemed too sweet contained a Steevia derivative, and the one flavor that I liked turned out to contain agave nectar as the sweetener. To this day, the only sweetener that I would recommend as a sugar substitute is agave nectar. It certainly fooled my taste buds. Yes, I know some of you will say honey but honey has a stronger and more distinctive flavor; it’s hard to confuse the taste of honey with that of sugar. Compared to honey, agave nectar is milder in flavor.

If you’re not sensitive to the taste of sugar substitutes and have no problems with “diet/zero calorie” beverages then I’d recommend Truvia to you. But if you’re someone like me who can always detect a sugar substitute in a drink, you’ll be able to tell the difference between Truvia and sugar.