Calgon Red Velvet & Marshmallow Body Mists

Calgon Red Velvet & Marshmallow Body Mists

Thanks to G. over at Nouveau Cheap for the heads up on the bath and body clearance sale going on right now at Rite Aid. Select products have been marked down 75% including the Calgon Red Velvet Body Mist that I’ve been dying to try for the longest time. The sales associates didn’t even know about the sale because they were shocked at the crazy deals I scored. None of the products had been marked with clearance stickers in the store.

If you’re interested in the Calgon sprays definitely get yourself down to Rite Aid ASAP!

Awesome Calgon deal!

The Red Velvet Body Mist is regularly $6.99 (8 fl. oz.) but it’s currently ringing up as $1.74 at the registers. That’s already an awesome deal but, get this, the Calgon Facebook page is offering a $1 off printable coupon on any of their products. Combining the coupon with the clearance sale I was able to get Red Velvet for $0.74 plus tax. You can’t beat that!

I ended up going back to Rite Aid several hours later and doing a second transaction for a Calgon Marshmallow Body Mist with another coupon and paid $0.74 plus tax for that as well. w00t!

Unfortunately, it seems that only select fragrances are on sale. I also wanted to get the Calgon Vanilla Swirl Body Mist (doesn’t that sound delicious?) but it rang up full price 😦