End of March Purchases

Bodycology Sunkissed Citrus Fragrance Mist

I’ve been saving up for the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale that’s coming up in June so that explains my lack of blog entries. No buy = no new products to review. But I couldn’t help myself this past week. I finally cracked and splurged on a few items.

First up, Bodycology recently came out with some new and limited edition fragrances so I hustled on over to Target to check them out. One thing I love about Target besides the low prices is that they have testers for many cosmetics and skincare items. Luckily, all of the Bodycology products had testers so I was able to sniff everything.

I was the most excited to try Bodycology’s Enchanted Forest products that I’ve heard from many people is a BBW Twilight Woods dupe.

Nuh-uh. If you want a BBW Twilight Woods fragrance mist dupe I strongly suggest getting Body Fantasies Twilight Mist instead.

Personally, Bodycology’s Enchanted Forest doesn’t remind me of Twilight Woods at all. There’s something spicy and very synthetic, plactic-y about the fragrance mist and body cream that’s just not right in my opinion. The worst offender is the Shower Gel that smells almost totally like plastic and chemicals. It makes me wonder if my Target received a spoiled/rancid batch but this scent’s relatively new so I don’t understand how it could’ve gone bad already.

I also spritzed myself with the limited edition fragrance mists in Mango Madness and Passionfruit Punch. My preference out of the two is Mango Madness but honestly both scents were a little too sweet and fruity for me. I decided to skip them.

Bodycology Sunkissed Citrus Fragrance Mist

The second scent I was the most interested in trying was Sunkissed Citrus. I love citrus scents, especially anything orange or grapefruit. If I could get away with it I would rub myself all over with an orange in public. That’s how much I love the smell of oranges. If you’re a citrus lover too I’d recommend checking out the Sunkissed Citrus fragrance mist ($3.99 for 8 fl. oz.). If you’re scared of smelling like pure orange oil or orange zest,  no worries. Sunkissed Citrus is more of a a soft, sweet, juicy orange mixed with mango scent.

Sunkissed Citrus also comes in a matching body cream but I say skip it. Skip all of the Bodycology Body Creams for that matter. For a body cream, the texture is pretty thin and runny, and it leaves an uncomfortable sticky residue on the skin. Do not want!

There are a few other Bodycology fragrance mists that I haven’t decided yet if I’ll buy. I don’t usually like floral fragrances but the Cherry Blossom and White Gardenia scents are very pretty. And Cloud Nine is interesting but a little strong for me. While I wouldn’t call it a dupe, Cloud Nine is a BBW Country Chic type of scent: a fresh, crisp, floral fragrance with notes of jasmine, apple and citrus..


And then there were the shoes…

I recently bought two pairs. One’s a Vivienne Westwood + Melissa pair of Lady Dragon heels in the color Dove/Blue heart. It’s made of this, in my opinion, cool shiny plastic material. Remember jelly shoes? It’s that kind of material but sturdier and more comfortable. The inside’s padded for comfort, the ankle straps are adjustable and the heel measure 10 cm. These may be a smidge too high for me and I may pass them on to my sis.

The other pair of shoes I bought were a lot more affordable and pretty cute if I do say so myself. I’ve always wanted a pair of wedges but the ones I usually see are too high for me. I’m already 5’7″ so I don’t need 5+ inches of added height with my shoes. And since I’m more of ballerina flats kind of gal, I didn’t want to invest too much in wedges which I feel is trendy and not something I see myself wearing for years to come. When I spotted these particular low wedges in a new Payless flyer I went to the mall to see them in person.

Payless shoes are hit or miss. Sometimes the quality’s surprisingly good/great, other times the quality sucks donkey balls. And oftentimes the quality control is iffy. Two pairs of shoes in the same style can sometimes vary greatly. For example, one pair may look perfect while another pair in the same style has visible glue showing. Whenever I purchase Payless shoes I do it in person, never online.

Vivienne Westwood & Montego Bay Club shoes

These black wedges were better than I expected. The canvas upper feels thick and strong. The braided jute on the wedge looks neat and tidy and not all frayed and scraggly like I thought it would. I also love the cute, vinyl bow detail, peep toe, and the ankle strap. I lurv slingbacks! The wedge heel measure 3 inches which I think is a doable height for me.

I’ve never bought Montego Bay Club brand shoes so I’m not sure how these shoes will hold up. Wish me luck.*crosses fingers*

Vivienne Westwood & Montego Bay Club shoes

If you’re interested, the style is called Women’s Sweetie Bow Wedge by Montego Bay Club. It costs $24.99 and besides Black it’s also available in Ivory, Leopard print, and a super cute Orange color. And right now until March 31, if you used the code 65806 you’ll get 25% off your purchase. I used the code in-store with no problems (just tell the sales associate the code when he/she rings you up) and that brought my total before tax to around $17 ($19.54 after tax). I had a gift card so I only paid about $5 for these shoes 😀

And if 3 inches isn’t enough height for you Payless is currently running a $19.99 sale on their American Eagle brand wedges. I’ve never tried the wedges but I can vouch for the quality of American Eagle shoes from Payless. I had two different pairs of slip-on, canvas flats that I got there and I’ve worn them for years now and they still haven’t fallen apart. When I was in the store, there were actually several ladies who ended up buying the AE Miles Espadrille wedges. Cute shoes but too much height for me. If they had offered those shoes in a lower heel I would’ve grabbed a pair for myself.

Vivienne Westwood & Montego Bay Club shoes