More Fragrance Mist Purchases

Body Fantasies

In an attempt to branch out from Bath & Body Works, I purchased a Body Fantasies set of mini fragrance mists for $6.99. I had read on a fragrance forum that Body Fantasies Twilight Mist’s a dupe of Bath & Body Works’ Twilight Woods and, as you know, I’m currently obsessed with Twilight Woods so I had to give it a try.

Besides Twilight Mist, the sampler also included mini bottles of Body Fantasies scents in White Musk (meh, not for me) and Cotton Candy (very sweet).

After giving it a try, I have to say that Twilight Mist is very close to Twilight Woods except more strongly scented and longer-lasting. If I had to nitpick I’d say that Twilight Woods smells a little smoother and creamier whereas Twilight Mist is slightly sharper and muskier. But, really, they smell extremely close.

Minor differences aside, I liked the Twilight Mist mini so much that I decided to buy the full size version. Last week CVS had a $4.99 sale on all Body Fantasies products and I had $5 ECB so I got mine for free. Yay! It definitely beats spending $14 on the Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist version.

Body Fantasies

I also made a few more random Bath & Body Works body spray purchases online and bought my first Victoria’s Secret body spray in Amber Romance.

I’d heard that the Forever Sunshine body cream is a lot more citrusy than the body spray version and it’s true! All I get from the spray is florals and praline but when I use the body cream I finally smell the oranges that everyone talks about. Hate the spray. Love the body cream.

I’m also enjoying VS Amber Romance, more so than Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber (the mini golden bottle in the photo) that has a spiciness that I don’t really like.

And if you recall, I liked the Paris Amour mist so I decided to give the lotion a try. I definitely prefer the mist. The lotion is more strongly scented and floral. The mist has more of a fruity, cherry scent with a sweeter, creamy, musky vanilla dry down on my skin.


2 thoughts on “More Fragrance Mist Purchases

  1. Thanks for the helpful comparison! I’m eyeing Paris Amour. 🙂

    Body sprays really take me back. I remember everyone in middle school wore VS’s Love Spell. Ah memories.

    • You’re welcome 🙂 It’s very hard to describe or recommend scents though because they react so differently to everyone’s body chemistry. I hope you like Paris Amour.

      I know Love Spell is popular but believe it or not I’ve never smelled Love Spell before. I literally went to Victoria’s Secret the first time in my life the other day just to smell their body mists. I was only able to spritz a few fragrances before my nose started getting confused but I liked Amber Romance enough to get it. I actually have a bottle of Love Spell on its way to me in the mail. It was a total impulse buy. Hopefully I like it 😛

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