Recent Bath & Body Works Purchases

As you know I’ve been trying to expand my scent horizons and lately I’ve been stalking B&BW after ignoring it for 10 years.

My current obsession is Twilight Woods and I’ve visited the B&BW countless times in the past few weeks trying to find another favorite.

I’ve mostly been interested in the fragrance mists but I’ve been dabbling in the Triple Moisture Body Creams and Body Lotions as well. I like the body creams but I don’t think I care for the body lotions. Is it just me or are the body lotions very sticky?

So far the scents I’ve tried are Twilight Woods, Forever Sunshine, White Citrus, Country Chic, Coconut Lime Breeze, and Into the Wild. I love Twilight Woods and like Into the Wild and Coconut Lime Breeze but I decided to return White Citrus (love citrus but this was too sharp and astringent for me) and Country Chic (way too strong and floral). I’m on the fence about Forever Sunshine. It’s a bit strong, more floral than I’d like, and there’s a heavy sandalwood and praline/burnt sugar scent about it that I find cloying.

I’ve decided that I prefer warm, creamy, slightly sweet and musky types of fragrances and I’ve noticed that I seem to like fragrances that contain coconut, vanilla,  and musk notes especially in the base. Those particular scents seem to react really well with my body chemistry to produce a very soft, warm, mellow scent. I really don’t care for fragrances that are overly fruity, floral, sweet or spicy.

I went back a few times to try the Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance mist but there’s just something off about this scent in my opinion. I love to bake so I’m very familiar with vanilla as an ingredient but the vanilla in Warm Vanilla Sugar smells very synthetic and almost Play-Doh-esque to me. I like the soft, sweet muskiness of Warm Vanilla Sugar but the Play-Doh scent is too weird.

Most recently, I decided to do the 3 for $10 travel item deal and picked up the 3 oz. lotions in Pink Chiffon, Secret Wonderland, and Be Enchanted. It was a good way to experiment with more scents for cheap as well as try the body lotion formula.

I love Secret Wonderland! It’s like a fruitier version of Twilight Woods and I plan on getting the full size fragrance mist.

I don’t like Be Enchanted though. It’s much too sweet and much too fruity for me.

I’ve sprayed myself with Pink Chiffon in the store before and thought I liked the scent. I remember it being more vanilla-y but when I tried the lotion I could barely detect vanilla. The lotion’s a strong fruity floral, much too floral for my liking. Maybe my recollection is incorrect. Or do the body lotion and fragrance mist versions of the same scents usually differ? Or it could be the B&BW store itself. Everything always seems to smell different but better there compared to at home.

I also purchased a travel size bottle of Paris Amour body mist. I didn’t think I would like it because many people describe it as a floral scent but I ended up liking Paris Amour a lot more than Pink Chiffon. It’s all in the dry down. It’s weird but the fruits in Pink Chiffon seem to enhance the florals so when the scent’s settled on my skin I end up with an ultra sweet floral scent. I can detect a little vanilla but it’s that same artificial, Play-Doh vanilla scent that I get from Warm Vanilla Sugar. Yuck. Paris Amour initially reminds me of cherry cough medicine but the dry down smells less sweet and floral and more mellow and creamy to my nose. Of course this is a comparison of the Pink Chiffon lotion versus the Paris Amour body mist. I think I may have to give the Pink Chiffon fragrance mist another sniff and do another comparison with the Paris Amour body mist.

The next scents I plan to check out are Dark Kiss, Sensual Amber, Midnight Pomegranate, and Black Amethyst. I’m wary of florals or anything too raspberry-ish so I’ll save fragrances like Japanese Cherry Blossom, Cherry Blossom, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Moonlight Path, Sweet Pea, and Carried Away for last after I’ve exhausted all of my other options. But I won’t write them off completely. Maybe one of them will surprise me the way Paris Amour did.