My New Boots

Sorel Sorrelli Tall Lace boots (left), Hunter boots (right)

I found an amazing deal on a pair of Sorel boots today. It was all very unexpected and unplanned. My friend and I came across a going out of business / everything must go sale at a local boutique. Their entire inventory was marked 50%-90% off. Most of the items had been picked over already by the time I got there but there was still a bit left.

While I waited for my friend to try on a few outfits in the fitting room, I discovered one lone box of boots hidden behind a stack of smaller shoe boxes. Amazingly it was a pair of Sorel boots. I’ve been looking for a good pair of winter boots for awhile now so it was totally serendipitous.

If you remember, last year my sister bought me a pair of black Hunter boots from Nordstrom but I told her to return them. I know Hunters are very popular but I think they’re unnecessarily heavy, uncomfortable and pricey for what they are especially for an urban/suburban setting. I think Hunter boots would be fantastic for avid gardeners in warmish weather. For walking city streets in the snow…not so much since they’re not insulated (my sis had to buy special wellie socks to keep her feet warm in her Hunters).

Anyway, Sorel boots have been on my wish list for months and I had my heart set on the quilted, black and chili pepper red Tofino boots with the faux fur trim ($140). So when I saw the Sorel boots at the boutique my heart almost stopped. Could it be?

But it wasn’t.

It turned out to be a pair of size 8 Sorelli Tall Lace boots in the color Cargo/Red Rover. Normally, the boots are $140 but when I asked the sales associate for the price he told me they were marked down to $40. Woah! The boots are a little masculine for me — I usually prefer something a bit more cute and feminine — but it was too amazing a deal to ignore. They were the last pair left, too, so I had to snatch them up.

The interiors of the boots are fully lined to insulate the feet and they’re completely waterproof, too. But the best part is how comfy they are. I would say they weigh about 5 pounds less than my sister’s red Hunter boots. Both the Hunter and Sorel hit me right below the knee and I have plenty of room to spare in the calf area with both boots. However, the Hunter boots are made of a stiff rubber material and when I try to walk with those the top edge cuts into the back of my calf. The Sorel boots don’t do that to me at all.

So now I finally have a great pair of winter boots that’ll last years but there’s no snow. Today felt like early spring. It was warm, sunny, the crocuses were in boom, the birds were chirping, and I even saw insects flying. It’s not that I want snow but I was looking forward to putting my new boots to use at least once this winter.

My only complaint is that I wish the boots were a little tighter in the calf. Even when I lace the boots tightly, they’re still a bit loose for my liking. But beggars can’t be choosers, right? I’m still happy I scored such a bargain.

Note: The Sorel Sorelli boots run large. I’m an 8 and usually buy a half size up, especially with boots to compensate for thick socks. The Sorelli size 8 feels more like a 9. Definitely size down if you’re considering these boots.

Sorel Sorrelli Tall Lace boots (left), Hunter boots (right)

2 thoughts on “My New Boots

  1. Great Find! I love good deals like that. My winter boots are some brand ‘eric michael’ that I have had since highschool. I am considering ditching them in favor of just using my frye boots and hunter boots with fleece socks in cold weather.

    I think I may have just grown used to the extremely heavy shoes (since I find frye to also be very heavy) and now just think of that as how boots should be. I also have realy bad circulation, and have found that the fleece keeps my toes from freezing a bit longer than my old snow boots (granted it could be the age of my older boots that makes them cause my toes to freeze)

  2. Awesome! I love finding amazing deals like that. I picked up some Aldo Bulley boots for the snow last winter, but they’re definitely not as nice as yours. 🙂
    You can girly it up with ultra feminine clothes like a flowy dress and thermal leggings. Lol, you sound almost disappointed about the good weather. 😉

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