Nail polish haul

Love & Beauty Pink glitter

I’ve never really checked out Forever 21’s beauty section before but I recently learned that the people who manufacture L.A. Girl nail polishes also produce the nail polishes for Forever 21’s Love & Beauty line. I’ve been very impressed with the L.A. Girl nail polishes I’ve acquired from my local beauty supply store but they carry such a small variety of colors, so I was really interested in checking out the color selection at Forever 21.

I was immediately drawn to the glitter polishes and quickly snatched up two bottles in pink and red. Both contain a mixture of small shimmer and larger hex glitter in a clear base. I was particularly excited about the red glitter polish because I’ve been looking for one ever since I bought Wet n Wild Behind Closed Doors (I’m not a fan of the black base). And just the other day I saw a display of Milani’s new Jewel FX glitter polishes at CVS which included a red glitter and personally I wasn’t impressed. I think the Forever 21 glitters are much more appealing.

Love & Beauty Red glitter

The next color that caught my eye was a mint green. There were actually a few bottles that were the same mint green shade but they were more shimmery/glittery and,  in my opinion,  not quite as pretty as the pearly one I chose.

Love & Beauty Mint

The last one I chose is simply called Cigar on the price sticker, kind of blah name for such a lovely, warm shade. It was the last bottle in the display so I grabbed it.

Love & Beauty Cigar

All of the Love & Beauty polishes were $2.80 apiece, a bit more expensive compared to the L.A. Girl nail polishes that only cost $1.49 each.

Here you can see the L.A. Girl bottle compared to the Love & Beauty bottle. They’re exactly the same except for the labeling.

L.A. Girl Stayin' Alive, Love & Beauty Red glitter

Last but not least I purchased a clearanced bottle of Milani Orange Burst from Duane Reade. If I remember correctly, it was only $0.69. Milani describes it as an orange with orange and gold shimmer but I swear I can see some fuchsia pink in there too. It reminds me of a tropical sunset and will be perfect for the summertime.

Milani Orange Burst

Milani Orange Burst, Love & Beauty Cigar, Love & Beauty Pink, Love & Beauty Red, Love & Beauty Mint