A few Milani blush swatches

Milani Blushes

Top row: Minerals Sunset Beach, Minerals Mai Tai, Minerals Sweet Rose
Bottom row: Smooth Finish Sunset Beach, Smooth Finish Temptation

I purchased two of the Milani Mineral blushes (Sunset Beach, Sweet Rose) that were on clearance at CVS and when I got them home I realized that they looked very similar to two of the long discontinued Milani Smooth Finish blushes, so I decided to swatch them 🙂

Excuse the goosebumps. It was chilly.

Left to right: Minerals Sunset Beach, Smooth Finish Sunset Beach, Minerals Sweet Rose, Smooth Finish Temptation

The new Sunset Beach is a little more orange whereas the old Sunset Beach has more red. They’re both matte and pigmented although I would say that the Smooth Finish has slightly better color payoff.

Sweet Rose is a dusty rose-pink whereas Temptation is more of a dusty brownish plum. I found Sweet Rose to be less pigmented than Temptation. Also, Sweet Rose is matte but Temptation contains golden shimmer and has been compared to NARS Sin by many bloggers in the past.

I’m pretty sure I’ve swatched Mai Tai on the blog before so I didn’t bother swatching it again.

I’m still kind of sad that Milani discontinued the Smooth Finish blushes. The pans are smaller compared to the Minerals blushes but they were a lot more pigmented. You only needed to use a tiny amount of product to get excellent color payoff so they were a great value for the price.


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  1. I’ve been to 2 cvs’ and I missed out on the sale. =( the milani sections were all cleared out .I was so sad! Anyway love the swatches. =)

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