Recent purchases and reason for my absence

Recent purchases

There are a ton of new drugstore products and collections being launched right now and so many tempting items but the prices are getting a little ridiculous. $10 for an eyeshadow, $13 for a blush or $14+ for a foundation may be all right for boutiques and department stores but it’s rather exorbitant for the drugstore in my opinion. Unfortunately, BOGOF sales and high value coupons seem to be a thing of the past 😦 These days you really need to prioritize and take advantage of coupons and deals to get the most bang for your buck.

There were so many pretty things at the drugstore that I wanted to toss into my basket but I thought about what I wanted most and settled on three items: the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Fig Jam, the L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Iced Latte, and the L’Oreal Le Balm in Plush Plum. I wanted to grab all the Lip Butters and Le Balms left in the displays but I limited myself since I’ve heard good and bad things about each. I didn’t want to get too many in case I ended up hating them.

There have been several Lip Butter shades I’ve been eying but I went with the one at the top of my wishlist: Fig Jam. A lot of people seemed to be turned off by the unappealing brown tube but I knew from watching and reading reviews that the Lip Butters apply much sheerer on the lips than they look in the tubes. Plus, I’ve heard Fig Jam is an awesome dupe for Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey which is one of my favorite lip colors.

As for the L’Oreal Le Balms I’ve heard that they’re even more sheer compared to the Lip Butters so I decided to go with the darkest shade that they offered which happens to be Plush Plum.

It’s too soon to review the products now since I just got them but here are some product photos and swatches to tide you over for now.

Revlon Fig Jam (left), L'Oreal Plush Plum (right)

Revlon Fig Jam

As you can see, Plush Plum does contain some golden microshimmer. I’ve tried it on my lips and the shimmer isn’t obvious at all.

L'Oreal Plush Plum

Revlon Fig Jam (left), L'Oreal Plush Plum (right)

I knew that I needed to check out the L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows because they’ve been getting rave reviews from bloggers and vloggers alike. I settled on Iced Latte. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a swatch photo because the light was already fading. Apparently, my camera turns into a pumpkin when the sun goes down 😛

There was actually one other item I purchased on my drugstore run: an NYC face primer. It’s included with NYC’s new collection of bronzers. I was super excited to see the primer because based on the description on the packaging it seemed suitable for people with dry skin. There’s no mention of oil-control, etc. in the product info on the packaging. Instead, if I remember correctly, it promises to smooth skin, moisturize and provide a glow. I paid less than $4 for it and swatched it as soon as I got to my car. OMG! Holy shimmer, Batman! The product is a fast-absorbing, thin white lotion that feels very lightweight on the skin. It doesn’t feel like your typical silicone-based primer that leaves that slick, silky feeling on the skin at all. But, boy, is it sparkly. I don’t mind a little shimmer but this product was just ridiculous. Outside, under direct sunlight, the back of my hand where I’d swatched the primer looked like it had been dipped in shimmer. I immediately went back to the store to get a refund which is why you don’t see the NYC primer included in my haul photo above. And, oh yes, it contains mineral oil. Mineral oil doesn’t really bother me but just thought you’d like to know.

And you know that I can’t resist buying nail polishes. I’ve heard that we’re now living in a nail polish economy. It used to be a lipstick economy but not anymore. According to the the New York Times, “Lipstick sales used to go up when the economy went down, perhaps because women were searching for a cheap pick-me-up or an edge in a job interview. For reasons nobody quite understands, the lipstick indicator doesn’t hold up anymore, though nail polish sales now seem to reflect the economy very clearly (albeit inversely). A rise in nail polish sales indicates that we’re searching for bargain luxuries as the economy craters — and sales of nail polish are way up right now.” It’s good to know the reason for my many, many nail polish purchases 😀

The beauty supply store I visit often put out some new L.A. Colors Color Craze nail polishes that had tropical island themed shade names. I was most attracted to Palm Tree (a green creme) and Tahiti Sunrise (a coral with gold shimmer).

L.A. Colors - Tahiti Sunrise

I compared Palm Tree to similar colors in my stash and it’s unlike the more milky Turntable, and greener than both Rise and Shine and Atomic.

L.A. Girl Turntable, L.A. Colors Palm Tree, Sinful Colors Rise and Shine, L.A. Colors Atomic

I also couldn’t pass up the L.A. Girl nail polish in Stayin’ Alive, another coral polish. I love my brights!

Now for the reason for my lack of blog entries. I received the LEGO Harry Potter XBOX games for Christmas and I haven’t been able to pull myself away. I’m totally addicted! I’ve played other games in the LEGO video game franchise like Star Wars and Indiana Jones and enjoyed them immensely, so the Harry Potter games have been on my wishlist for awhile now. I’m nearly finished with the first Harry Potter game. I finished the Story Mode levels pretty quickly but I’ve been trying to get a 100% perfect score in Free Play mode.

I’m usually more of a fan of Adventure games that require more brainpower to solve puzzles but I’ve got to admit the LEGO games are fun! I totally recommend them to people of any age, but especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan. The games are basically a retelling of all the Harry Potter movies using LEGO characters but they also insert their own brand of humor into everything, so the games feel both familiar and yet like a totally new experience.

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 for XBOX

LEGO Harry Potter 5-7 Years 5-7

4 thoughts on “Recent purchases and reason for my absence

  1. I totally feel you on the drugstore prices. It seems like nowadays I only really HAUL during the CVS clearances. It used to really feel fun to buy products at 40% sale with a coupon, but now it`s practically a necessity! 😦

    Great lip and eye shadow picks! I`ve been eyeing the lip butters and balms for a while, but I`ll probably purchase mid-year when the hype settles down. Isn`t it a shame that Maybelline discontinued Moisture Extreme lipsticks right before the balm thing took off? I look forward to your thoughts on the lippies and eyeshadow. 😀

    I’m intrigued by those lego games now! What kind of puzzles are they?

    • Like you, I had intended to wait until the hype died down but the CVS sale got to me. $5.99 for a lip butter was too good a deal to pass so I caved X)

      I usually like puzzle and riddle solving type of games so the LEGO games are sort of a departure for me. They’re more action oriented with some inventory puzzles to solve.

  2. My local Dollar Tree has the L.A. Colors nail polish for only $1 each. If you have one in your area, check it out for more L.A. Colors nail polish!

    • Thanks. I usually get my L.A. Colors n/p at Dollar Tree but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the island-themed ones there. I’ll check next time I’m there. 😀

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