Bonne Bell Blushing Gel – Peach

Bonne Bell gel blush - Peach

After months of stalking eBay I finally managed to find another UK-based seller who had a Bonne Bell Blushing Gel in Peach. The gel blushes are really hard to come by on eBay. I managed to get Peach for $3 and free shipping. Awesome deal!

The Bonne Bell Peach gel blush is a transparent bright orange in the tube with no shimmer or sparkle, and it has that same watery gel texture and subtle powder fresh scent as the Bonne Bell Red gel blush. It feels weightless on the skin after it’s blended out, and once it’s set it’s completely dry to the touch. There is no stickiness, dewiness or sheen to this product. This blush dries totally matte, as if the skin blushed that color naturally. Peach goes on sheer but, just like Red, the color is buildable.

Bonne Bell gel blush - Peach

If you’ve already read my blog entry about the Bonne Bell Blushing Gel in Red you know that I loved the formula and color payoff but that that particular shade didn’t suit me. Well, I finally found one that does: Peach.

I’ve discovered lately that blushes that are orange or peach (that lean more on the orange side) are extremely flattering on me. I still like pink blushes but, strangely, there’s just something about orange and peach that brightens up my complexion and looks so much more natural, fresh and healthy. If I’m not careful, pinks, berries, and mauves can come out looking a little ruddy or bruise-like on my face but oranges, in comparison, require much less effort to look good…for me at least. Loves. And now that I know what colors work for my skin tone I want to collect all the orange blushes in the world! I’ve updated my wish list in the sidebar and as you can see I’m craving lots of orange and peachy orange blushes. Yum.

Bonne Bell gel blush - Peach (top), Red (bottom)

Bonne Bell gel blush - Red (left), Peach (right)

Compared to the Red gel blush, the Peach gel blush doesn’t set/stain as quickly. If you take a look at the blended out swatches of the Red gel blush below, you can see a small dark spot in the center of the blended area where the Red gel blush had already begun to set before I got around to blending it. However, there’s no such dark spot on the Peach side. I love it and totally recommend it!

Bonne Bell gel blush - Red (left), Peach (right)

Bonne Bell gel blush - Red (left), Peach (right)

Bonne Bell gel blush - Peach

6 thoughts on “Bonne Bell Blushing Gel – Peach

  1. Whoaaa look at that packaging! It looks sooo old school, hahha!
    I totallyyy agree with you on peach blushes though, they work a lot better on my complexion than other shades! Your swatches look super pretty…. too bad I’m on a no-buy for this year! D:

    • LOL So true! I suspect it’s the gel blush in a discontinued old packaging. It’s weird because the red blush I got also came in the same old looking packaging and I bought it from a totally different UK seller. UKers must have stockpiled them or something 😛 The gel blushes on the U.S. Bonne Bell website come in totally different packaging, and instead of Peach and Red (like mine), they’re called Sheer Peach and Sheer Red. Maybe they changed the color or formula too along with the packaging. *shrug*

      Good look on your no-buy! I wish I had that kind of will power but I’m weak 😀

      • I used these Bonne Bell blushing gel for years then they just disappeared! I would love to use it again but you don’t give any information on how to buy it! I’d like to stockpile some myself! Can you post info on how I can buy it….even if its from the UK?

      • Your best bet is ebay. That’s where I got mine from. The old gel blushes are pretty hard to find and only pop up on ebay once in a long while. I was lucky enough to find someone who had one left for sale at the time and I haven’t seen any since then. Sorry 😦

    • Corals are great. I still like them but I’m trying to find ones that lean more orange than red/pink.

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