CVS and Walgreens haul

CVS haul

I couldn’t keep away from the CVS clearance sale and I ended up getting a few more items.

I’ve been really into nail polishes lately so I picked up a couple more sale items. Confetti White Knights and Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Gold Silk were both marked down 75%. Confetti Debutante isn’t part of the sale so I paid full price ($1.99) for it but the color was too pretty to pass.

I don’t consider myself the best candidate for powder foundations considering the fact that I have dry to very dry skin, but the Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation is currently 75% off and G over at Nouveau Cheap blog raves about it all the time. The powder actually came in a bonus pack with a bronzer so at less than $4 total it was too good a deal to ignore.

I bought a Sally Hansen/Carmindy powder blush in the shade Poppy during last year’s CVS clearance sale and I love it. I may have mentioned it as one of my monthly favorites. I thought about picking up some of the Carmindy cream blushes on clearance but I have a lot of cream products already and I worry about them going bad before I get a chance to use them all up, so I decided to stick with the Carmindy powder blush instead. As long as they don’t get wet, powder blushes should last forever. This time around I chose the Carmindy blush in the shade Cherub.

Profusion Brightening Eyes palettes

I stopped over at Walgreens to pick up some household essentials and noticed all of the holiday beauty kits on display. The Profusion Colour Me Glow palettes that I purchased last year are on sale again this year but Profusion also has these striped Brightening Eyes palettes for sale this year, too. The display contained six different color varieties and I chose #1, #2, and #5. There was also a pink palette, a purple palette, and a bright blue palette. Like the Colour Me Glow palettes, the Brightening Eye palettes are 99 cents each.