Random purchases – Sephora, Walmart

Sephora & Walmart purchases

I placed an order with Sephora recently using my $15 Beauty Inside gift card. I haven’t really been lusting after anything at Sephora so I ended up doing a joint purchase with my sister. She bought a fragrance and I decided to get Chest-nuts About You, a mini Body Shop butter in Coconut and Jack Black lip balm in Lemon & Chamomile. I’ve never tried any Body Shop or Jack Black lip products but I’ve always been curious about them.

I’ve only used the Jack Black lip balm once so far so it’s still too soon to give a proper review but I’m a little let down by the scent. I was expecting Lemon & Chamomile to smell like fresh, tart lemons but instead it reminds me of the filling inside the Girl Scouts Lemon Chalet Creme sandwich cookies except Jack Black’s gone more heavy handed with the lemon. I don’t think I care for the fragrance. It doesn’t smell like freshly squeezed lemons to me; it smells like stale lemon extract/oil that comes in a bottle. Meh.

Sephora by OPI - Chest-nuts About You

I’m so excited to try Chestnuts About You. I’ve really been into shimmery pink champagne nail polish ever since I purchased L’Oreal Whimsical, so Chesnuts About You was right up my alley.

Pure Ice - Spitfire

Lastly, I bought a Pure Ice nail polish in Spitfire from Walmart. I’ve never tried anything from this brand before either but the sparkly pinkness of this polish called my name. On the way home, though, I realized that Spitfire looks very similar to Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in Strobe Light which I already own. I’m hoping I like the formula of Spitfire because, in my opinion, the Xtreme Wear formula sucks donkey balls. The Xtreme Wears tend to get very goopy, very quickly on me.


4 thoughts on “Random purchases – Sephora, Walmart

  1. The Pure Ice shade is crazy gorge! Let us know how you like it! 😀
    And the Chestnuts About You kinda looks like the SH one you just bought. Are they comparable at all?

    If you end up liking Body Shop stuff, wait for the after Christmas sales at the storefronts That’s usually when I stock up. The storefronts usually have good sales. There was a 50% off purchase coupon this past weekend in the stores. 🙂

    • The SH polish is a bit darker and more bronze compared to Chestnuts but the 10 Professional polish that I just bought called Hampton Beach is actually a near-dupe for Chestnuts About You. I hadn’t realized that I’ve been buying so many polishes with similar colors.

      Thanks for the Body Shop tip! 😀

  2. That looks like a fun haul! The polishes you picked up look really pretty.
    Jack Black lip balms are my absolute fave! I’ve only tried the Original scent, but I love the texture, how quickly they absorb and how moisturizing they are. The coconut body butter is one of my faves too! It smells like an asian bakery to me haha. It does take a while to absorb and can feel greasy, so I like to put it on before bed. My skin’s all soft when I wake up, and I find the yummy scent really comforting haha (: I usually pick up 3 for 30 when they have promos going on

    • I’m really enjoying the formula of the Jack Black lip balms so far. I may have to check out the Grapefruit flavor that they have. I can’t wait to try out the body butter. It sounds great!

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