CVS haul

It’s that time of the year again. That’s right, the semi-annual CVS clearance sale is going on right now in stores! Rawr!

I had to do some checking at the red scanner box in-store because my CVS is always late when it comes to placing those little orange clearance stickers on individual items. What I ended up with mostly is nail polish but I did find one N.Y.C. blush stick on clearance.

CVS haul

I picked up two 10 Professional nail lacquers in Hampton Beach (the pinkish shade) and Old Hollywood (the golden shade). They were both marked down 75% to $1.19 each.

10 Professional is made by the same company that makes Confetti brand nail polish and, if I remember correctly, both 10 Professional and Confetti got into some legal trouble with Sally Hansen/Coty awhile back. Apparently 10 Professional/Confetti came out with nail polish colors that were suspiciously similar to colors produced by Sally Hansen/Coty. It turned out that the owners of Confetti and 10 Professional used to work for Sally Hansen/Coty and had signed a non-compete contract. There was talk that Confetti and 10 Professional were going out of business and for awhile consumers were buying Confetti like mad because the colors were great, cheap dupes of Sally Hansen nail polishes. I went a little mad over Confetti polishes, too, but I’ve never tried the slightly more expensive 10 Professional nail lacquers so I was excited to get some at the CVS clearance sale.

I was originally going to pick up a golden Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polish but then I spotted Old Hollywood by 10 Professional. Holding the Sally Hansen polish and 10 Professional nail polishes side-by-side I seriously couldn’t tell the difference. They looked identical to my novice eye. In the end I went with the 10 Professional because it contains more product.

I only purchased one Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polish in the color Antique Bronze. The entire line of Diamond Strength nail polishes in the old bottles is on 75% clearance right now. Each bottle is currently $1.37.

I adore the N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Sticks so I had to grab the Mauvin’ Uptown, marked down to $0.99.

The most exciting sight for me, however, was the limited edition Confetti display. I thought I had missed out on the collection completely because most folks had spotted it long ago. I quickly searched the display and spotted Tasmanian Devil! I’ve been lusting after that glitter polish for months! There was one lonely bottle left all the way in the back of the display, hidden just out of view. Unfortunately, it came with a wonky brush but I wasn’t going to be picky about it. I also purchased Rhapsody in Blue (steel blue shade) and Blue Glitz (powder blue with a pearly blue flash) from the same display. Certain Confetti nail polishes are ringing up as 75% off but these particular limited edition colors all came up full price ($1.99 each).

This is Confetti Tasmanian Devil next to Milani Gems:

Confetti - Tasmanian Devil (left), Milani Gems (right)

Both are multicolored glitter polishes but as you can see Milani Gems is missing the fine specks of silver glitter that makes Tasmanian Devil so much more festive. I think I know what my New Year’s Eve manicure will be!


2 thoughts on “CVS haul

  1. Great haul! I’ve never tried 10 Professional before. You picked out some great fall shades!

    I did some cray cray haulage during this most recent clearance. But I focused mostly on eyeliners: Physicians Formula and Carmindy by Sally Hansen. Looove.

    I’ve been lemming since Tao raved about the PF cream liners and I picked them up for $2.75 apiece! The Carmindy ones are surprisingly great as well: creamy but not so much that it gets smudgy.

    Are you done hauling clearance? I miiiiight slip back for more soon. 😉

    • I’m considering getting a few more nail colors and maybe one Carmindy cream blush but that’s about it. I love PF gel liners so the clearance sale is really tempting me but I already have too many unopened gel liners as it is. I don’t know, maybe I’ll pick up one set of PF gel liners but I probably won’t give in to the urge to get all of them even though I really, really want to 😉

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