Jordana Cyber Monday Blush Haul and Swatches (Pic heavy)

Updated Jordana Powder Blush swatches can be viewed here.

Jordana  ran a special 25% off sitewide sale on Cyber Monday and I couldn’t pass it up. For those not in the know, Jordana Cosmetics is the sister company of Milani Cosmetics, and their products are the same quality as Milani but with a lower price tag. Fun fact: the Milani and Jordana offices/factory are part of the same industrial complex. Google map it. Milani ships from 2111 East 49th Street,  Vernon, CA and Jordana ships from 2035 East 49th Street, Vernon, CA. They’re practically next door neighbors.

If you’ve fallen in love with a Milani product, try looking at Jordana’s catalog of products. Chances are you’ll find something comparable in Jordana’s line for less. For instance, I’ve heard that Jordana makes a cheaper dupe of Milani’s popular Liquif’eye eyeliner which, in turn, are dupes of Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide On pencils. In addition, limited edition Milani colors can sometimes be found in Jordana’s core line of nail polishes. For example, back when people were going crazy for the limited edition Milani Dress Maker nail polish ($4.99), the supposed Chanel Jade dupe, Jordana already had a dupe in their permanent $1.99 line of nail lacquers called Mint Candy. So keep Jordana in mind when you’re shopping next time. It’s a treasure trove of fantastic, cheap(er) thrills.

Already familiar with Jordana’s quality I placed my blush order with them early on Cyber Monday, and by Friday of that same week I had received my goodies. Shipping was awesomely fast considering that they must have been bombarded with orders that Monday, and my order came complete and perfectly intact. Color me impressed.

Jordana blushes are pigmented, smooth and soft but not so soft that they kick up a lot of dust when you go at them with a brush. I think Jordana makes some of the best drugstore blushes out there and I highly recommend them. I wouldn’t say they’re underrated because it seems that most people who’ve tried them love them but the brand as a whole is often overlooked. If you love the quality of Milani blushes, you owe it to yourself to check out the ones made by Jordana. The blushes normally retail for $2.49 on Jordana’s website but can be found in some drugstores and beauty supply stores for $0.99-$2.49 each.

Here are all of the Jordana powder blushes that are now in my possession. I already owned two shades prior to the sale and love them dearly. The other six blushes were part of my Cyber Monday haul.

Jordana Powder Blush (flash)

Top row, left to right: Redwood, Tawny Beige, Rouge, Touch of Pink
Bottom row, left to right: Sunlit Bronze, Sandalwood, Blushing Rose, Coral Sandy Beach

Blush color and texture/finish descriptions according to the Jordana website:

  • Redwood – Pink Red. Pearl reflective color.
  • Tawny Beige – Bronzy rose. Pearl reflective color.
  • Rouge – Coral pink. Matte flat color (no shimmer).
  • Touch of Pink – Coral peach. Matte flat color (no shimmer).
  • Sunlit Bronze – Warm natural peach. Matte flat color (no shimmer).
  • Sandalwood – Peach pink. Matte flat color (no shimmer).
  • Blushing Rose – Plum rose. Pearl reflective color.
  • Coral Sandy Beach – Gold toned peachy pink. Pearl reflective color. Duotoned luster color.

Jordana Powder Blush (no flash)

Clockwise from top left: Redwood, Tawny Beige, Sandalwood, Sunlit Bronze

Clockwise from top left: Rouge, Touch of Pink, Coral Sandy Beach, Blushing Rose


Tawny Beige


Touch of Pink

Sunlit Bronze


Blushing Rose

Coral Sandy Beach

Left to right: Redwood, Tawny Beige, Rouge, Touch of Pink, Sunlit Bronze, Sandalwood, Blushing Rose, Coral Sandy Beach

Left to right: Redwood, Tawny Beige, Rouge, Touch of Pink

Left to right: Sunlit Bronze, Sandalwood, Blushing Rose, Coral Sandy Beach

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    • Thanks! I love Milani, too. Great quality and budget-friendly. IMO, Jordana’s quality is comparable and budget-friendlier 😛

  1. Hi There Mimsy!!
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    You’ve helped me tremendous for my pre-purchase decision-making.

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