TopStyler by InStyler


My friend surprised me with this lulzworthy gift today.

A few weeks back we caught the TopStyler infomercial on tv and I jokingly said that I’d love to give it a try. Well, surprise, surprise, now I can.

In case you don’t know, the TopStyler is an electrically heated hair styling device that’s supposed to help create volume, curls and waves.


You plug the contraption into your electrical socket, push the orange button, and then wait for the C-shell clamps inside to heat up.


This is a C-shell, a clam shell shaped curler. The white part you see is ceramic, and that’s the part that heats up and creates the curls/waves when it makes contact with your hair.


My kit came with:

  • 2 styling combs/wands
  • 10 large C-shells
  • 10 regular C-shells
  • 10 sharp wave clips
  • an instructional DVD
  • an instructional styling guide


I’m not sure where my friend purchased the kit from because I checked the TopStyler website and it seems that their current kit only comes with 5 of the large C-shells, 5 of the regular C-shells, only 1 comb/wand, and none of the sharp wave clips 😦

I can’t wait to give this gadget a try but I have no illusions about it. I’ve read online reviews and they all seem to agree that the TopStyler generated waves and curls don’t last more than an hour. It should be fun, though, especially for a girls’ night in.

If you want to see the TopStyler in action you can check out AprilAthena7’s video on You Tube. She shows everything in the kit and explains the whole process. I think April once said that she’s kindergarten teacher. I can believe it. She seems so genuinely kind and sweet, and if I were a kid I’d love to be taught be her.