Post-Thanksgiving weekend round up

Thanksgiving leftovers (stuffing, roasted brussels sprouts & bacon, chicken & gravy, cranberry sauce)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and made out like a bandit on Black Friday! πŸ˜€

Thanksgiving at my house went off without a hitch. We’re not turkey people so we usually do either a large chicken or a large duck, or both a small chicken and small duck. I’ve been doing the cooking for the past few years and since chickens were on sale that week I went with one 8-pounder. I did the usual sides and dessert: homemade biscuits, stuffing, mashed potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon, roasted sweet potatoes, and sweet potato pumpkin pie. In an effort to reduce the amount of work and cooking I would have to do on Thanksgiving, I did a lot of the prep work the day before which ended up being a huge time saver.

In another attempt to cut down on the cooking I’d have to do, I opted for store bought gravy and for the first time ever I bought jellied cranberry sauce in a can. Meh on the gravy. Never again. It’s so bland compared to homemade. As for the jellied cranberry sauce…I know it gets a bad rap but, surprisingly, I really liked it and I’m sorry I didn’t try it sooner. I may actually like it more than cranberry sauce made from scratch with actual berries O_o The contrast of the chilled, sweet and sour jellied cranberry sauce with the hot, savory chicken was really nice. I can see myself making some rockin’ roast chicken sandwiches with some of that canned sauce in the future. For Thanksgiving dinner, I slid the cranberry sauce out of the can into a serving dish and sliced it into individual servings.

I always end up making too much food so I’ve spent the days since Thanksgiving eating leftovers. The mashed potatoes, biscuits, sweet potatoes, and pies (I made two) didn’t survive Thanksgiving so thankfully I didn’t have too much left to devour. Of course, on Days 3 and 4 the stuffing wasn’t as good as it was on Day 1 when it had that lovely, crusty top but it was still tasty. My mother says the vegetables in my stuffing are too large but I like being able see them. I don’t like it when the veggies are chopped too fine, and since I always cook my vegetables until they’re tender-crisp and not mushy I think they add some much needed texture, too.

Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola!

I actually bought Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! a little before Thanksgiving — you may have seen it in the background of some photos in earlier blog entries — but I didn’t get around to wearing it until just recently.

I chose the 3.4 oz. eau de parfum spray and it’s probably the most I’ve spent on a fragrance to date. I’m usually more of a body splash or no-scent kind of gal. I have to say I’m not crazy about Oh, Lola! when I apply it initially but once it settles down and has had a chance to mellow it’s nice. It goes from being very sweet and fruity to being a more subdued, fruity vanilla scent.

  • Topnotes – Pear, Effervescent Raspberry.
  • Midnotes – Peony, Magnolia, Cyclamen.
  • Basenotes – Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla.

Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola!

I ordered Oh, Lola! online based purely on samples and without ever seeing the bottle in person. I usually get travel-sized fragrances so I’ve never owned a full-sized bottle of any perfumes. I remember that when I was little my mom and grandmother had some really lovely blown-glass perfume bottles on their vanities, and I suppose I was expecting something similar from the Marc Jacobs scent.

Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola!

I have to admit that I was really disappointed when I finally received Oh, Lola! and realized that the flower top is made out of plastic. It reminds me of the squishy material used to make jelly shoes.

Black Friday & Small Business Satuday Haul

I restrained myself and didn’t get much of anything on Black Friday except for a Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick in Bashful Blush. A Bonne Bell cheek stain that I’d ordered from eBay happened to arrive that day as well so I’m including it in my Black Friday Haul! Haha.

Then on Small Business Saturday, I visited Duane Reade and my favorite independently owned beauty supply store and ended up getting a few of the L.A. Girl Disco Brites black light nail polishes (Groovy, Turntable, Dance Craze), an Orly polish in Sea Gurl, an L.A. Colors palette in Tea Time, and a NYC blush stick in Bronze Radiance.

Popcorn Ball Sunday!

The best thing about Thanksgiving weekend, however, is Popcorn Ball Sunday! I’ve Googled it and apparently many towns across the USA have one. Early in the morning on the first Sunday after Thanksgiving the local fire department rides down every street blaring their firetruck siren, and a fireman dressed as Santa Claus riding on the top of the truck throws popcorn balls to all the kids and people on the streets. They’ve done it as long as I can remember. Sure, you can always buy popcorn balls at the supermarket but getting one from Santa has become a holiday tradition here. Since the firemen drive down the streets so early in the morning, not many people are actually up to get one. It’s literally a case of “if you snooze, you lose.” I always make sure I’m at my parents house on Popcorn Ball Sunday, showered and dressed before the trucks arrive, and this year I scored three popcorn balls! As you can see I couldn’t help but eat half a ball before snapping a photo.

As for Cyber Monday, I only bought six blushes from Jordana. I considered haulingΒ  from Jordana’s sister company, Milani, but I’m about due for $5 ExtraCare Bucks from my CVS Beauty Club earnings. I only wanted a Luminoso baked blush and a couple of the one coat glitter polishes but I think with sales, coupons, and ECB it would actually be cheaper out-of-pocket to get them from a CVS store than Milani’s Cyber Monday sale. Jordana blushes are a little harder to come by around here which is the main reason I went with Jordana’s Cyber Monday sale instead.

6 thoughts on “Post-Thanksgiving weekend round up

  1. We’re not turkey people either lol, this year we had a bunch of Vietnamese food for Thanksgiving (pho included! haha).
    I actually reallyyyy like the Marc Jacobs bottles! I don’t mind that they’re plastic, because I’m rather clumsy and I’d probably break it if it was something fragile and delicate 😑
    I like the name of the Supercalifragilipstick, hehehe (:
    Your hometown sounds like fun. I want a popcorn ball! πŸ˜€

    • Your Thanksgiving sounds awesome. I love Vietnamese food!
      Oh, don’t get me wrong, I think the bottle’s still really cute my only experience with perfume bottles was my mom and grandma’s which were glass. You’ve got the right idea though. I’m a klutz too so plastic’s probably better for me πŸ˜›

  2. Your Thanksgiving sounded awesome! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, It’s nice to go home and see friends and family again. πŸ˜€ I tried making a peking turkey this year and it came out so dry and kinda salty (brined, beh).

    I hauled like crazy for the Milani sale. The website was freaking sloooow, but I got through. Thank goodness for sale extension.

    I found another chestnut cake recipe. And I sent you an email about it but I suspect your account thinks I’m a spam bot. :/

    Anyhoo, here it is:

    Happy holidays!

    • Ooh, peking turkey sounds interesting. It’s a shame that it didn’t come out the way you wanted it 😦
      I was really, really tempted by the Milani sale. I had even put all the items I was interested in into my shopping cart a couple of days before the sale started so all I needed to do was check out on Cyber Monday. I actually tried to check out a couple of times but the lag on the site was craaaaazy. In hindsight I’m glad I couldn’t get through. It saved me some money πŸ˜€
      My account really annoys me sometimes and I should probably create a new email account elsewhere. I found your email in my spam box. Thanks so much for the link and recipe! I’ve bookmarked it.
      Happy holidays to you as well πŸ˜€

  3. We are big turkey people in my family, we have it most holidays and events (assuming pizza is not appropriate). I was proud that I made no purchases! I did look a little on cyber monday for some shirts that needed replacing, but was to lazy to do a really thorough search. I avoid black friday since it gets hectic, and a few years back a person got trampled at a local walmart (you probably heard about it on the news if you live in the us).

    I googled popcorn ball sunday but alas, there is none in the town I live in or the town my mother lives in. (I may have to look up some other local towns and crash one of theirs). I also have never even tried a popcorn ball, and may have to pick one up to try.

    • The thought of Black Friday freaks me out and I’ve avoided going to stores that day every year. It’s one of those things that I think I should experience at least once, like going to Times Square on New Year’s Eve, but ultimately the thought of the insane crowds and mayhem keeps me away. I saw on the news that some crazy lady was randomly spraying people in the face with pepper spray at Walmart on Black Friday in order to get some video games. That’s nuts!

      Popcorn balls are kind of like caramel popcorn, really sweet, but shaped into a sphere. It’s nostalgia more so than the taste that makes me go crazy for them every year πŸ™‚

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