ProActiv 3-Step System

The last items I received in by “Fall Cosmo” VoxBox, compliments of Influenster, was the Proactiv 3-Step System.

I for one am not a stranger to Proactiv. I tried their products out in college and then I gave them another shot when the products were reformulated several years later. When I received the ProActiv 3-step system this month in my VoxBox I gave the products a fair shot just in case my skin had changed in the years since but, not surprisingly, my skin and opinion haven’t changed.

ProActiv 3-Step System

I’ve always liked the consistency of the cleanser which contains gentle, exfoliating particles. And I’ve always loved the alcohol-free glycolic acid toner. However, the cleanser and repairing treatment never worked for me because they both contain benzoyl peroxide. I have extremely dry skin and benzoyl peroxide is too harsh and drying for me. Step 2, the toner, works for me though because it’s a gentle chemical exfoliator that doesn’t possess the drying effects of alcohol or benzoyl peroxide. The glycolic toner keeps my pores clean and holds the dry flaky skin at bay.

What ProActiv says:

This medicated Renewing Cleanser is made with new, exclusive micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide — featuring smaller, finer particles designed to quickly penetrate pores to start killing acne-causing bacteria on contact. Tiny exfoliating beads gently remove dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells to help keep pores from clogging.

This refreshing, alcohol-free toner helps remove impurities and excess oil so your skin looks and feels clean, soft and refreshed — not tight and dried out. Soothing botanical agents gently balance your skin tone.

The repairing treatment is a feather-light medicated lotion that gets deep into clogged pores faster but is designed to be gentler on the skin. It’s an oil-free formula that’s safe for your entire face.


  • Expert Skin Care Advisors on Call
  • Free Online Consultations with Drs. Rodan & Fields
  • Comprehensive Q&A Information Source
  • Customized Just for You
  • The Secrets to a Lifetime of Clear Skin

The 3-step system retails for $19.95 and is supposed to last for 30 days but I was never able to use up the products up that quickly. In the past, I used to have the 3-step system autoshipped to me every 3 months.

As you can see in the picture above, I’m quite familiar with ProActiv. Besides the trio I received in my VoxBox, I still have a mini-set of their 3-step system along with the green tea moisturizer and refining mask.  And, over on the right, are my most favorite products from ProActiv that were discontinued long ago. Years ago Proactiv actually made a “Gentle Formula” line of products that all contained Salicylic Acid instead of Benzoyl Peroxide. As a dry skin gal, I was a huge fan of the Gentle Formula line and I was so disappointed when that entire line was scrapped. I loved the Gentle Formula line so much I even kept the empty bottles as a reminder. However, now that I’ve blogged, photographed and documented them, I suppose it’s time to throw the bottles out 😛 Sadly, unless ProActiv decides to bring back the Gentle Formula I won’t be going back to ProActiv anytime soon.