October collective haul – makeup, nails, and shoes

I think I finally have my life in order. The home maintenance issues have been successfully resolved and everything that needed to be sent out in the mail has been sent out, so I rewarded myself with a celebratory haul and I have to say I really lucked out! I managed to find nearly all of the limited edition items I’ve been lemming for the past few months! So exciting!!

Haul time!

While I was at the Dollar Store, I tossed e.l.f.’s Classy lipstick and one of their concealer brushes into my shopping basket. If I remember correctly, Classy is the lipstick that emilynoel83 says is a dupe for MAC Angel. I’ve never tried Angel or e.l.f.’s $1 lipsticks but the color looked really pretty in Emily’s video.

I had a ton of Jordana blushes on my wish list but when I was finally able to take a real close look at them in person Tawny Beige was the one that appealed to me the most. I was really tempted by all of them but I restrained myself. I reasoned that they’re permanent and I have plenty of time to get them in the future.

I’ve been hearing so many positive reviews on the L’Oreal Project Runway blushes so I was compelled to get at least one. The Audacious Amazon blush didn’t appeal to me; it looked a little too bronzer-like. The Charming Cockatoo blush was the one I thought looked the best but I already have a ton of peachy-pink blushes. The Watchful Owl blush was interesting but I wasn’t sure if the terracotta tone would be flattering on me. I finally settled on Sultry Raven’s blush, a pale cool-toned pink. I tried it out today and I must say I’m disappointed. The texture’s wonderful — very finely milled and smooth — but it isn’t as pigmented as I expected for a $10 blush. I think I’m fairly light-skinned but I had to layer this blush a little bit in order for it to show up the color I see in the pan. Unfortunately, when I did I also ended up layering on a lot of silver shimmer. Yep, this blush contains quite a lot of fine shimmer. I expected amazing color payoff along the lines of the Hot Topic blushes I bought not too long ago and, in comparison, the L’Oreal blush has average pigmentation. In my opinion, in terms of pigmentation Sultry Raven’s Blush is on par with Maybelline powder blushes but not as pigmented as Milani and wet n wild blushes. If you must get one of the L’Oreal Project Runway blushes I would recommend skipping the Sultry Raven and choosing either the Watchful Owl or Charming Cockatoo blushes; I’ve heard those two shades are much more pigmented and will probably give you more bang for your buck.

A few weeks ago Costco offered free samples of Dove deodorant to their members and Target gave out their Beauty Bag through their respective websites. I signed up for both and my samples finally arrived in the mail today.

Haul time!

I’m starting to run low on deodorant (TMI?) so the Dove sample came at a perfect time. As for the Target Beauty Bag, the samples this year aren’t as nice in my opinion but I like the actual makeup pouch more than last year’s.

Target Beauty Bags for 2010 and 2011

Missha ran another one of their bb cream flash sales a couple of weeks ago so I picked up their Perfect Cover in #13 Milky Beige, their lightest shade, for $7.99. Ladies and gents, I think I finally found a match! Ever since I started using sunscreen more regularly, I’ve been getting lighter and lighter, and a lot of my old bb creams are no longer suitable for me. Missha Perfect Cover #13 is paler and more yellow-based compared to their Perfect Cover bb creams in #21 and #23.

I hit the jackpot at the supermarket! I spotted a nearly empty display of wet n wild’s limited edition Dream Weavers collection and I took the last We’re Blasting Off and Dancing in the Clouds trios from it. Score! I was actually surprised they hadn’t already been scooped up; reading blog posts, those two seemed to be the most popular trios.

Haul time!

I grabbed the last bottle of Rimmel’s Rags to Riches, a metallic moss green nail polish at Walgreens. I’m not sure whether this is a limited edition shade or a new addition to their permanent line; I found it in a separate display for their London’s Wicked Beauty collection.

While I was at Kmart, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards Jordana Silver Jewel, a blingy silver hex glitter in a clear base. I can imagine using this on its own or over red or green polish for the Holidays. I apologize for the blurry photo; my camera sucks in artificial/dim/indoor light.

Jordana Silver Jewel

And, just my luck, as I was leaving Kmart’s cosmetics department I spotted a pretty, pastel blue creme polish. I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s so pretty. It looks an awful lot like Barracuda but that was limited edition for Spring. There’s no way that could be it.” But, whaddya know, when I went to check the polish name it really was Barracuda! Of course I had to buy it. I’ve been lemming it for months!

Nail haul

I also couldn’t pass up Blackula, a basic black creme, from NYC’s limited edition Fall collection. I love the formula and brush of NYC’s Quick Dry polishes after all.

Whimsical, a gorgeous peachy-pink champagne foil, was calling my name from L’Oreal’s Color of Hope display. I couldn’t ignore it!

L'Oreal Whimsical

Lastly, I’m not usually one for shoe shopping but here are two pairs of shoes I recently purchased.

I spotted these faux leather espadrilles at Forever 21 and snatched them up in a size 8 for $20-something. These shoes are a totally shameless knockoff of the $495 Valentino leather espadrilles at Nordstrom. The flash from my camera’s washing out the tan color; the Valentino and Forever 21 shoes are even more similar in real life.

Forever 21 espadrilles

And, finally, check out this cute pair of black leather Calvin Klein booties that I got. Sorry, I got rid of the box so I don’t know the style name of the shoes. They have a side zipper which makes them really easy to put on and take off.

CK booties