The Aftermath

Sorry about the lack of blog posts lately but it’s been a very eventful uneventful week. LOL

First the East Coast, including downstate New York where I live, was struck with an earthquake. It originated down in Virginia but we felt it all the way up here. The news said it’s a once in a decade occurrence. For me it was more like a once in a lifetime occurrence because I seriously don’t remember any other earthquakes; I think those previous earthquakes were too small in magnitude to be felt without specialized machinery. This most recent earthquake however was a 5.9 on the Richter scale. That’s probably considered wimpy if you’re from California or live in the Pacific Ring of Fire and experience earthquakes quite often but for us on the East Coast this was a totally new experience. We’re more used to blizzards. Suffice it to say I found my first earthquake experience quite exciting!!

I was sitting in an office chair in front of my laptop when all of a sudden it felt as if someone was moving my chair from side to side. My office chair has wheels so it felt like a gentle rolling motion. At first I thought it was me, that I was coming down with a fever and experiencing a bit of dizziness, but then I noticed that the light fixtures on the ceiling were swinging.

The earthquake lasted all of 15 seconds and then it was over. But it was a thrilling 15 seconds!

The aftermath and damage from the Viriginia earthquake can best be summed up by this photo. A friend sent it to me by email. I don’t know who the OP is but they hit the nail right on the head. This is how bad it was.

Then a few days afterward the news started reporting on Hurricane Irene and how it would make landfall in New York. The media and local government made it sound like the apocalypse. People were buying plywood to board up their windows. Some were evacuating the entire area. I didn’t prepare or buy any emergency supplies but I shut myself up in the house even though I knew the media was probably exaggerating. After living all these years in NY and going through dozens of non-stop media coverages of “Storm Watches” and “Blizzard Watches” that make it seem like the end of the world is upon us, I expected the hurricane to be less serious than reported…and I was right. By the time Irene hit us in NY it had been downgraded to a Tropical Storm, and all we got in eastern NY was a lot of rain, a few strong gusts of wind, and some fallen tree branches. Basically, the aftermath of the Virginia Earthquake but a lot more wet. I’ve been spending the past couple of days raking up the fallen branches and leaves and moving my flower pots and lawn decorations back out in front of the house. I had put them into the shed because in case there really was a hurricane I didn’t want my flower pots to become projectile missiles 😛

All’s well and I’ll try to get back into blogging regularly soon.


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  1. My week was pretty much the same, since I am also in downstate NY. I live close to the train tracks so i thought the earthquake was just a train. I only got confused when it went on longer than usual.

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