Everything must go!

House cleaning

Lately I’ve been hit with the urge to clean everything in my house. I’ve already tossed out a lot of junk and donated a lot of old clothes to charity. The final thing that needed purging was my makeup collection.

I have a lot of makeup that I rarely use. There are some items I haven’t touched in years. I considered putting them up for swap or selling them but they were so cheap to begin with I don’t think it would be worth it, especially for used items. Plus, I don’t think I could deal with the stress of selling/swapping. What if the makeup didn’t survive in transit? What if the postal service lost the parcel? I don’t want to receive a negative reputation/negative token on MUA. I don’t want to deal with Paypal disputes, etc. I also considered throwing the makeup out in the trash but the penny pincher in me saw that as extremely wasteful. I should at least ask if anyone’s interested in my stuff first. If no one’s interested I can still throw the makeup out but I won’t feel as guilty knowing that it’s universally unwanted.

So what I’ve decided is to hold a few giveaways and randomly select winners. This is not the giveaway post. I’ll do a separate blog entry announcing the giveaway(s).

I’m going to try one giveaway to start off with and see how smoothly that goes. I’d like to restrict it to USA though simply because of the expense of shipping/packing although I might consider Canada. If anyone’s ever shipped from the U.S. to Canada could you give me a price estimate for USPS (whatever the cheapest method is. Priority or First Class?). If it’s more than $5 I don’t think it would be worth it. I plan on just bubble wrapping the items and sticking them in a bubble mailer/envelope.

I’ve divided the items into 6 batches, and I’ll try to do a separate giveaway for each batch every 2-3 weeks. But that depends on how the first giveaway works out. If it’s too much of a hassle I’ll probably put everything back into storage or toss them out.

Batch 1
Wet n Wild – Mega Eyes e/s trio – Egyptian Sands
Wet n Wild – Mega Eyes e/s single – Cream
Wet n Wild – Mega Eyes e/s single – Gypsy

Batch 2
Wet n Wild – Mega Eyes e/s trio – Island Blues
Wet n Wild – Mega Eyes e/s single – Naked
Wet n Wild – Mega Eyes e/s single – Sage

Batch 3
e.l.f. – Studio blush – Tickled Pink
e.l.f. – Studio e/s – Sand Dollar
e.l.f. – Studio e/s – Butter Cream
e.l.f. – Mineral e/s – Mysterious

Batch 4
e.l.f. – Studio blush – Mellow Mauve
e.l.f. – Studio e/s – Wild Wheat
e.l.f. – Studio e/s – Pebble
e.l.f – Studio e/s – Saddle

Batch 5
Jane – Shimmering Blush – Roses
Jane – Shimmering Bronzer – Sedona
Jane – Eye Zings e/s – Hip Bone
Jane – Eye Zings e/s – It’s a Girl
Jane – Eye Zings e/s duo – Perfection/Sungloss

Batch 6
e.l.f. – Studio Cream Blush – Heartbreaker
e.l.f. – Studio Cream Blush – Flirt
Physicians Formula – Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls – Translucent Pearl


2 thoughts on “Everything must go!

  1. Mimsy, this is actually a very good idea! I also feel super guilty when I want to throw away any unwanted products, so I usually give them away to my sister. She jokingly calls herself my “makeup trashcan” LOL because most of my I-hate-it-and-can’t-believe-I-bought-it beauty items end up going to her!

    I think someone might really want those Wet ‘n’ Wild MegaEyes trios, since they have bee discontinued, and the Jane products, since they are no longer sold in drugstores. Personally, I would be really excited to try any of these items so I am definitely looking forward to your giveaways! 😀

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