Hot Topic blush – Orange and Hot Pink

Hot Topic blush - Orange (left), Hot Pink (right)

2011 isn’t close to being over yet but I’m going to go ahead and say right now that these two Hot Topic blushes are my best buys of the year. I can describe them in four words: bright, bold, beautiful, and BARGAIN. For $0.98 each you really can’t beat the quality and insane pigmentation that these Hot Topic blushes deliver.

I originally heard about these blushes through Tao’s blog and You Tube July Favorites video. In person, Orange shows up a lot more reddish orange than in her video, and Tao actually compares it to NARS Exhibit A in terms of color and color payoff. She purchased four shades altogether (Orange, Pink, Hot Pink, and Red) but the only other shade I was able to get my hands on was Hot Pink and it’s definitely the brightest pink blush now in my collection. No complaints though; it’s gorgeous!

Both Orange and Hot Pink contain very fine shimmer that gives my skin a really subtle glow.

Be careful when applying these blushes because it’s easy to go overboard with them and end up with clown cheeks. You seriously only need to tap your brush onto the blush with a featherlight touch. That tiny bit will be enough for one cheek, probably both cheeks.

Each blush comes with 0.27 oz (8 g) of product and I’m not joking when I say it’ll probably be enough to last me the rest of my life and all my descendents’ lives. A little goes a loooooong way.

Hot Topic blush - Orange (left), Hot Pink (right)

To give you a better sense of the brightness of these Hot Topic blushes I took a photo of them alongside those two new e.l.f. Studio blushes I recently purchased, Candid Coral and Pink Passion. Alone, the e.l.f. blushes looked bright but they literally pale in comparison next to the Hot Topic blushes. Look at the difference! The Hot Topic blushes are so saturated with color.

Clockwise from top left: Hot Topic Orange, Hot Topic Hot Pink, e.l.f. Studio Pink Passion, e.l.f. Studio Candid Coral

Hot Topic - Orange

Hot Topic - Hot Pink

Hot Topic blush - Orange (left), Hot Pink (right)

Hot Topic blush - Orange (left), Hot Pink (right)

Hot Topic blush - Orange (left), Hot Pink (right)

As Tao mentioned in her video the blush were all marked down from $5.99 so they’re probably being discontinued. If you happen to come across them while you’re shopping at the mall I definitely suggest picking a few of them up. They’re well worth the $0.98 and then some!


5 thoughts on “Hot Topic blush – Orange and Hot Pink

  1. I’ve been lusting these since Tao blogged them, you’re not helping! Haha, already scoured my local HT and came up empty… :/

    I wonder if they’re at all similar to R&R blushes. The colors look alike. Haha, my makeup addiction’s pretty bad b/c I already have the R&R ones (almost all except for one, you know which one 😉 ). I still feel these calling out to me. Bad Angelica!

  2. I Feel you. xD I brought the orange one because that was the only shade left available at my Hot Topic );.
    It’s so pigmented, maybe even too pigmented. I was doing my makeup in the morning before school and I guess the lighting in my room was bad so when I looked into the mirror at school in the middle of the day, I was mortified. I definitely looked like a clown. D; and all I did was “Featherlight touch” it. So now I ever so lightly/barely touch it with a skunk brush to use it.
    But overall, I love it. I’m SOooo Happy I have a less then a dollar dupe to Exhibit A.
    I don’t see myself ever making a slight dent in my lifetime.

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