Collective Haul – Beauty Supply Store, Duane Reade, Dollar Tree

Collective Haul

These are all of the beauty-related purchases I’ve made in the past three weeks.

I grabbed a few more of those Nicka K HD eyeshadows from the beauty supply store. At $1.49 a piece I don’t feel too guilty buying one or two per week. I also spotted some new Nicka K/Absolute 12-pan eyeshadow palettes for $1.99 and I couldn’t resist the blues & greens in the one I ended up choosing. Lastly, I bought a 99 cent Nicka K lipstick in Natural.

I made a special trip to the mall — which I rarely visit because I hate dealing with the crowds — because I’ve been curious about those Hot Topic blushes that Tao (iamgrape1119) raved about on her blog and You Tube video. As she mentioned, they were on clearance for $0.98 each (regularly $5.99) and they’re super pigmented. I’ve already tried the Orange blush and I can see it lasting for the rest of my life. With this blush you seriously need to use a featherlight touch because a little definitely goes a long way. I was so impressed I went back to get some more but they were already sold out of the Red and Candy Pink blushes, so I only managed to score the Hot Pink which is fine with me because it looks gorgeous as well. BTW: I tossed the brush that came with the Orange blush because it was super scratchy and I intend to do the same with the Hot Pink brush.

Dollar Tree folder

At the Dollar Tree, I was so happy to find a small expandable file folder. I’ve been looking for something to keep my coupons in and this accordion style folder is perfect. Now I can separate my grocery coupons from my beauty coupons, and subdivide my beauty coupons in more specific categories (hair, makeup, skincare). The folder is super light and made of plastic so it’ll take up hardly any room in my purse and it’ll be durable and easy to clean, too. Great purchase for $1! I may go back and get a couple more.

But the purchase I’m the most excited about is the Limited Edition wet n wild Gilded Age trio! Yes, that’s right, I finally found it at Duane Reade. It was the last one in the display so I had to get it. It was fate!

Swatches of all my goodies to come in the next few days so stay tuned!

P.S. While I was at the Dollar Tree I spotted a bunch of N.Y.C. Loose Face Powders and e.l.f. Studio Blush in Berry Merry, so if you’re interested you may want to head on over there before they’re all gone. I know a lot of people like that face powder for setting makeup.


4 thoughts on “Collective Haul – Beauty Supply Store, Duane Reade, Dollar Tree

  1. Mmm … If I lived near you, I’d come fetch that blush brush just because of that cute skull on it. Too bad Hot Topic is not available in Europe 😦

  2. Oh man you are so lucky to get wet n wild palette.
    I’ve looked at 5 riteaids, 4 cvs and 2 walgreens but to no avail!

    I really wanted gilded age trio and the dancing in the clouds.

    • I had totally given up on ever finding Gilded Age but suddenly it was there right in front of me. It was so weird. I think you may still be able to find the limited edition palettes. My drugstore always puts the limited edition displays weeks/months after everyone else has. They’d only put out the Gilded Age display that week, so I think I may still have a shot at getting the Dream Weaver palettes. It might be the same for you. 🙂

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