e.l.f. Haul!

e.l.f. haul!

Check it out! My bag of e.l.f. loot 😛

e.l.f. Haul

My e.l.f. haul actually arrived over the weekend but I haven’t gotten a chance to play around with the new items yet. I just checked to make sure that everything I ordered was there and that was it.

If you didn’t know, on July 7 (7/7/2011) e.l.f. celebrated their 7th anniversary as well as reaching 77,777 followers on Facebook by offering a 70% off coupon code for their website. The sale was only supposed to last for 7 hours but because of the extremely heavy traffic they decided to extend the sale for a few more hours while their computer techs worked on the servers. The 70% coupon code is now dead.

I managed to place my e.l.f. order without too many problems, just some screen lag.

I had intended to order a few of the Studio Glossy Glosses as well as more of the $1 Luscious Liquid Lipsticks but the ones I wanted were out of stock. Actually, I’d been keeping my eye on the Studio Glossy Glosses even before the 70% sale and they had been out of stock for several weeks already; I really didn’t expect them to be suddenly in stock for the 70% sale so I wasn’t too disappointed when I couldn’t add them to my shopping cart.

I ended up ordering more of the Studio Cream Eyeshadows. I already own and love Dawn and I wanted to try some more colors.

e.l.f. Haul

I purchased the Studio Cream Eyeshadows in:
Natural Glow
Teal Party
Purple Pleaser

I’m also a big fan of the $1 Super Glossy Lip Shines so I decided to grab the 3 newest shades:
Party Peach
Pink Pop

e.l.f. Haul

The Studio Blush Brush is my HG (Holy Grail) blush brush — I use it everyday — so I decided to get a backup. But I can already tell just by looking at it that the new brush that arrived is totally different from the one I already own.

Finally, I chose to get two Studio Blushes. I know, I know, I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of the Studio Blushes that I already own (Tickled Pink, Mellow Mauve) but I decided to give e.l.f. another chance to win me over. After all, I purchased my first Studio Blushes several years ago when e.l.f. first launched them on their website. I wanted to give the blushes another chance in case e.l.f. has improved the formula since then.

The colors that I picked this time around are Candid Coral and Pink Passion.

e.l.f. Haul

Oh, and the free gift with purchase that they threw in my order is the $1 quad in Ivy.

I’ll post swatches and reviews on my new goodies in a few days. Stay tuned for that post 😀

2 thoughts on “e.l.f. Haul!

  1. OH I got a huge elf haul too ..I’m going to a video on it if you want to check it out on my blog. Oh please do a elf review on candid coral I’m interested in getting it. The only place that seems to elf glossy gloss in stock is target. sigh I wanted them too. Oh I’d also love to see eyeshadow swatches!

    • Sure thing! I’ve just been waiting for a sunny day to take some good swatch pics for a review. I’ll post it up as soon as possible 🙂

      And I’m looking forward to your video!

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