Lip Smacker 100% Natural lip balm – Pink Guava

The Lip Smacker 100% Natural lip balms include the flavors Pink Guava, Acai Berry, Honeydew Melon, and Vanilla Bean. This range of balms contains natural ingredients such as olive oil, beeswax, aloe, vitamin E, fruit essence, and claims to be free of gluten, dyes, and parabens. 

I purchased the Pink Guava lip balm a few months ago at my local supermarket for $2.99. I’m not really sure how new this product is but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it at any drugstores in my area.

Those of you familiar with the regular Lip Smacker balms will notice that the 100% Natural balms come in the exact same style of packaging. It’s your standard stick balm with a twist-up mechanism.

I currently own one of the regular Lip Smackers in Dr. Pepper (but I’ve owned a whole bunch of other Lip Smacker flavors in my lifetime) and I find the scent of it rather strong, synthetic and long lasting. If I lick my lips I really notice that fake flavor in my mouth. Yuck!

In comparison, Pink Guava has a more subdued natural scent that fades away pretty quickly. If I lick my lips I don’t get much flavor. It smells fruity, sweet and slightly tart. If I lick my lips I get some of that fruit scent in my mouth but I don’t think it’s bad and I don’t actually taste any sugary sweetness or tartness on my tongue.

Pink Guava refers to the fruit the lip balm takes its name from. The balm itself goes on clear and provides a slight glossy finish, so if you were expecting a tinted balm you’ll be disappointed.

The texture of Pink Guava on the lips is very smooth and creamy, almost buttery. I’ve heard some say that it feels greasy but I wouldn’t say it’s quite that bad. It definitely doesn’t feel as thin and greasy as Vaseline or Smith’s Rosebud Lip Salve to me. Pink Guava is more dense and I think it feels similar to the regular Lip Smackers but with just a tiny bit more slip. It applies really easily without any tugging; however, underneath the creaminess I did detect the tiniest bit of grittiness but it was barely noticeable. The only reason I picked up on it was because I was trying my best to analyze and critique this balm. I don’t believe most people would notice any grittiness.

The smoother consistency, however, does mean that the 100% Natural lip balm is softer than the typical Lip Smacker. Mine smooshed and got a little deformed when I swatched it because I twisted the tube up a little too far and the balm’s very soft. I wouldn’t recommend taking this balm out on a hot day. I suspect it might melt.

As for lasting power I have to say I was impressed. For how soft and buttery it is, it remained on my lips for a good 2-3 hours. And when it wore off, my lips didn’t feel irritated or dry either. Some balms, such as Korres lip butters, get absorbed into my lips in 10-20 minutes and actually leave my lips feeling drier than before I used them.

So overall I would say that the 100% Natural Pink Guava lip balm is actually a very nice, inexpensive, colorless lip balm. It smells good. It doesn’t have an overly strong scent or flavor. It applies smoothly and lasts for a decent amount of time on the lips. It provides a subtle, glossy finish. The only bad thing — and it’s pretty minor — is that tiny bit of grittiness that I mentioned but I feel it’s barely noticeable.

Dr. Pepper (left), Pink Guava (right)


6 thoughts on “Lip Smacker 100% Natural lip balm – Pink Guava

  1. >Whoa! I can't wait to try this lip balm..I love getting one recommended to me because I hate buying one based off packaging and finding that it doesn't even work well. Also, I can't believe you like it better than your Korres lip butter as far as the feeling of your lips afterwards go..that's saying a lot since i know that brand is pricier. I'm gonna go out and get one of these lip balms ASAP! thanks 🙂

  2. >@GothamPolishLOL, I agree, these lip balms definitely have a more mature, grown-up concept.@aisyah De Cullen Thanks! I haven't tried the vanilla so if you ever do you have to let me know what it's like.@sophiesdish Thanks:) I hope you enjoy it.@EVC Makeup Haha 🙂 I think I must be an odd duck. Everyone seems to love the Korres lip butters except me. I must be allergic to it or something. The Lip Smackers Natural lip balm isn't my favorite by any means but I feel it does a pretty good job in terms of lasting power and moisturizing my lips. @Sonia Thanks so much! Following! 😀

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