L.A. Colors – Beach House & Mardi Gras

Beach House (left), Mardi Gras (right)

Here are some swatches and a short review for the new generation of L.A. Colors 12-pan eye shadow palettes that I recently purchased from the Dollar Tree.

As I mentioned previously, L.A. Colors came out with several new shades of their 12-pan eye shadow palettes and I purchased two of them.

I own two of their older 12-pan palettes (Traditional, Urban) and was quite disappointed with them. I found those very chalky and unpigmented but I thought perhaps that this new generation of palettes would have an improved texture and better color payoff. I was totally bowled over by their new-ish trios and hoped that L.A. Colors would apply that improved formula to the 12-pans. For $1 each, those trios were very impressive.

Well, unfortunately, I have to give the second generation of 12-pans a thumbs down. The only noticeable difference between the older 12-pans and the new 12-pans is the latter are no longer baby powder scented. I still find the texture very powdery and chalky, and the color payoff remains very weak. These shadows don’t pack a punch the way the trios do.

Beach House

Except for the dark army green in the bottom row, the colors are all extremely sheer and very shimmery.

Mardi Gras

The bottom left and bottom right shadows are decently pigmented but the rest are all very sheer.

The eye shadows in the Mardi Gras are deceiving. In the pans and even swatched they look matte but as soon as I start to blend them out I see a lot of very fine shimmer.

My recommendation: Skip the 12-pans and get the trios or mineral eye shadow singles instead.