eBay watches #5, #6, and #7

I got all of these watches using the Buy It Now option on eBay because bidding on auctions is just a little too stressful for me 😛 I don’t enjoy bidding on an item and then having to wait days wondering if I’ve won the auction or not. The worst is when I’m the high bidder and then someone swoops in at literally the last minute and outbids me. It’s such a crushing feeling. 

You’ve seen this watch, or rather a similar one, before. I bought the watch in white previously and I liked it enough to buy another one in black. I managed to get it for $1.99 and free shipping. w00t!

I was attracted to the next watch mainly because of its bright colors. It’s a multi-colored braided cuff style watch that was slightly more expensive at $4.99 and free shipping. This watch is available in two shades. I chose the one in white. Sophie’s Dish bought the one in the other color and you can check it out in her blog post here.

This watch is really cute but I have a couple of issues with it…

One, the braided cuff is wider than the metal loop and the white faux leather loops, so it’s rather difficult to put on the watch. I have to stuff the cuff through the loops.

Two, the white faux leather loops are flimsy and not stitched very securely. I feel like the pleather loops will either break apart from me trying to stuff the braided cuff through them or the string that’s holding them in place will snap.

It’s definitely a cute watch but I’ll have to be careful putting it on and taking it off to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

The last watch I purchased is a rope style watch. The rope is made of some sort of glossy, pleather material. It cost $2.99 with free shipping.

It looks a little long and crazy in the photo all the way at the top of my blog post but it’s long because it’s supposed to wrap around your wrist twice.

I chose the one in black because I felt it would go with a lot more of my outfits but it comes in a bunch of other colors, too. The black, orange, and red ones are the most common but I’ve also seen listings for this watch in blue, green, yellow, and purple.

I would normally list all the eBay sellers I bought these watches from but unfortunately they’re no longer selling any more of these watches 😦

Anyway, I swear I won’t be buying any more watches off of eBay. I’m over my cheap watch obsession and the ones I’ve bought should last me quite awhile.


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  1. >hahah I totally bought that rope watch in black also. It's funny because I like to buy watches but I almost never use it for the time function.

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