Currently Loving: Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Spotlight Beige

I purchased Spotlight Beige waaaay back in January during one of CVS’ clearance sales but I sort of forgot about it until recently.

I’m not a big fan of Rimmel lip products in general. I hate their Lasting Finish lipsticks which feel dry going on and dry out my lips, too. But I really like the Moisture Renew formula. It’s smooth, very creamy, and soft but not so soft that the lipstick bullet smooshes or becomes deformed when I apply it to my lips.

The only thing I dislike about Spotlight Beige, besides being possibly discontinued, is the scent/flavor. I’m not even a lip licker but I can still taste it and smell it whenever I speak. It has a pretty strong powdery floral flavor that tastes awful. That’s just my opinion though. Maybe someone actually likes the way these lipsticks smell/taste. After all, I’ve heard some people say they like the way the Lasting Finish lipsticks smell/taste. Meanwhile, I think those lipsticks are vile.

However, I can live with the yucky taste because I LOVE the color. A lot of people call Spotlight Beige a nude color but it isn’t a concealer nude at all, so if you’re light-skinned don’t be afraid of it washing you out. It’s not beige like I expected based on the shade name, but maybe it would look more beige on darker skin tones. On my skin and lips, Spotlight Beige is more of a peachy color with a dash of pink and brown thrown in, and it possesses a creme finish so no shimmer whatsoever. It’s darker than my natural lip color and a very wearable peachy nude.

Here are a couple of arm swatches. I’ve compared Spotlight Beige to some other peachy/nude lipsticks in my collection.


Left to Right: wet n wild Mega Last 902C Bare It All, Rimmel Moisture Renew Spotlight Beige, wet n wild Mega Last 903C Just Peachy.

Just Peachy has more pink to it and Bare It All has more brown compared to Spotlight Beige. And, unlike Spotlight Beige which has a creme finish, the two wet n wild lipsticks come in a matte finish so they have no glossiness whatsoever. You can tell in the swatches that Spotlight Beige looks more moist and shiny in comparison.

If you can still find Spotlight Beige in stores I definitely suggest picking one up. This is just my opinion but it’s an infinitely better “nude” lipstick than Rimmel Lasting Finish Birthday Suit lipstick that gets recommended all the time. I hated that one; it was too orange-brown and dry on me. Get Spotlight Beige instead.

ETA: I took a swatch comparison pic of Rimmel Lasting Finish Birthday Suit and Rimmel Moisture Renew Spotlight Beige.

In the swatch photo below, Birthday Suit is on the left and Spotlight Beige is on the right. Spotlight Beige is a lot more pink than Birthday Suit. Although both lipsticks look a little glossy in the swatches, the shine in Birthday Suit is actually from fine shimmer. Birthday Suit has a slightly pearly/frosty finish. Again, as mentioned earlier, Spotlight Beige has no shimmer at all; it just has a very moist and creamy formula that gives it that bit of glossiness.

Birthday Suit (left), Spotlight Beige (right)


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  1. >I bought Spotlight Beige because of Nerdy Girl Makeup's review and two Airy Fairy's last winter because I thought Airy Fairy would be discontinued. I love Spotlight Beige a lot more and it's the one that ends up being discontinued, lol!I loove how moisturizing it is. I just don't like how Rimmel lipsticks tend to settle in the lines in my lips. I don't use it anymore for fear of using it all up. Ahh, hoard mindset. If you spot any dupes of Spotlight Beige, let us know! 🙂

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