Small Beauty Supply Store Haul

I’ve been a little obsessed with cheap eye shadows for awhile now. The ones I’ve tried from the beauty supply store and those inexpensive L.A. Colors trios from the Dollar Tree have really impressed me. The pigmentation and quality is pleasantly surprising, especially considering their price tag.

They made me hungry for more and while hunting for more great quality, cheap eye shadows, I stopped by the beauty supply store again over the weekend and spotted some new Qianyu palettes. The selection had been picked over already so I was only able to grab two palettes, #03 and #04, for $1.99 each.

#04 is the more neutral palette. All the shades have a pearl/metallic or shimmer finish. The darkest three shades are all very smooth and pigmented, and they have more of a pearl/metallic finish. The lighter two shades apply more unevenly and sheer, and they’re more shimmery as well.

#03, in my opinion, is the more interesting palette. The darkest three shades are fab and consist of a blue-gray, olive, and copper shade all with a pearl/metallic finish. But, like the #04 palette, the two lightest shades aren’t as pigmented or smooth, and they have more of a shimmery finish.

I also spotted a few of the black label Nicka K lipsticks in a clearance bin marked down to $0.50. I think this particular line of lipsticks has been discontinued because I haven’t seen them elsewhere and they’re no longer listed on the Nicka K website.

When I was in the store the lipsticks were all shrink wrapped (always a good thing) so I chose Wine based solely on the color showing through the bottom of the tube. The first time I opened the tube I was surprised by the lipstick bullet. It doesn’t have a standard bullet shape. Instead, it’s faceted which I think is really interesting. The picture doesn’t show it too well but it has a diamond/rhombus pattern cut into the lipstick. No swatches because I didn’t want to mess the bullet up yet.

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchases and I want to find the other eye shadow palettes in that collection. A purple or pink quint would be awesome.


One thought on “Small Beauty Supply Store Haul

  1. >Great haul! The shadows look so silky. The olive color looks amah-zing! I kinda regret my Naked palette now, lol. *sigh* I don't know my beauty supply stores as well as I should.

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