wet n wild Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner Pencils

I bought these pencils way back when Rite Aid (or was it Walgreens?) had their last 50% off sale on wet n wild cosmetics. I kind of forgot about them but I thought I would swatch them all for you today 🙂 

From left to right: Taupe, Purple, Cool Green, Charcoal, Deep Blue, Turquoise, Bronzed, Amethyst, Green, Olive (same order as top photo)

From left to right: Taupe, Purple, Cool Green, Charcoal, Deep Blue, Turquoise, Bronzed, Amethyst, Green, Olive

I don’t use Taupe or Charcoal as eyeliners. They’re my HG brow pencils. I use Taupe in the summertime when my hair lightens up a little bit from the sun. My hair’s black but not jet black; it’s more of a very dark brown-black, and the brown tones show up more in the summer. Taupe is great for soft, subtle, natural definition. I use Charcoal for my brows in the winter and colder months when my hair’s darker, or any time I want a slightly stronger brow.

I know many, many people will say that these are too creamy to use as brow pencils but I actually prefer a softer pencil for my brows. Hard pencils never seem to deposit any color for me. I simply use a featherlight touch with the Color Icon pencils and then blend the color out using a regular brow grooming brush. It took a little practice figuring out the best way to use the pencils (i.e. how much pressure to use) but they work extremely well for me.

The Color Icon pencils are available in 15 shades and I purchased 10 of them. I skipped the black, two brown, and white pencils. I mainly wanted the more colorful options to spice up my eye makeup. I meant to pick up Sky Blue, too, but the drugstore was all out of that color and they haven’t restocked in forever. I will get Sky Blue eventually.


If you tried wet n wild’s pencil liners years ago and wrote them off as being too hard and waxy, you should give the new Color Icon pencils a try. They were reformulated the end of last year/beginning of this year and are now much creamier than their previous versions. They’re a fun way to add a pop of color to any eye look, and only cost 99 cents each.

Just be aware that some, maybe all, Color Icon pencils shades have changed since the reformulation. I compared the old versions of the wet n wild pencils in Charcoal and Taupe to the new Color Icon versions of Charcoal and Taupe and there are definitely some differences.

In the photos below, the top two swatches are of Taupe (new and old formulas), and the bottom two are of Charcoal (new and old formulas).

As you can see, the old Charcoal was more of a soft black. The new Color Icon Charcoal is slightly lighter and more gray.

In addition, the new Color Icon version of Taupe is more gray and ashy compared to the old Taupe which was more brown. You can also probably tell from the swatches that the old version of Taupe was more waxy by how unevenly and lumpy it applied. For more swatches, check out my old blog entry about the new and old wet n wild Taupe pencils (includes a swatch comparison of NYC’s Taupe pencil) here.

5 thoughts on “wet n wild Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner Pencils

  1. >Wow, it's quite a collection! The Cool Green looks so summer-y. I use Mink Brown for my brows, it's the perfect black-brown for black hair.

  2. >Oh, really? I have the old wnw versions of Mink Brown and Dark Brown but they were both a little red on me. I'll check out the reformulated Color Icon version the next time I go shopping 🙂

  3. >The Color Icons are a lot creamier than the old version but I still experience a little tugging on my lids. Not terrible though. Unfortunately, I haven't tried the UD 24/7 liners. But if you're looking for a smooth and inexpensive option, check out the Prestige pencils or NYC waterproof eye liners (not the 99 cent wooden ones). They don't tug at all. I know the Prestige pencils get a lot of love but the NYC waterproof pencils are really nice too and they're easier to find in my neck of the woods than the Prestige. The NYC are only $3.99 and go on much more smoothly than the wnw Color Icon pencils. I don't experience any tugging with them.

  4. >Holy shit. They look freaking shcokingly amazing. I am FLOORED. And just pretty damn pleasantly surprised. Rather than buying NYX jumbo eye pencils (I do own Milk only, I cannot buy any other color anywhere I live) I'm just gonna go out and buy these pencils. They are gorgeous. And the creamier the better for me (would use as a base for my eyeshadow. 🙂

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