What’s Mimsy Eating? Scallion Buns

I took a break from making sweet buns and tried my hand at making savory buns.

I used the same dough recipe for my scallion buns that I used for the melonpan. The bread dough recipe I used is quite versatile since it’s relatively neutral in flavor. It’s neither too sweet nor too salty so it lends itself well to dessert buns as well as savory buns.The only change I made was the topping. Instead of the sweet cookie topping from the melonpan, I used a savory mixture (black pepper, salt, oil, chopped scallions). I also decided to brush the outer perimeter of bread with light coating of egg yolk which gave the buns that shiny brown finish once they were baked.

[Note to self: Must buy more parchment paper. Aluminum foil made a hot mess.]

I had to pretty much wing this recipe because I couldn’t seem to find any scallion bun recipes online. When I googled scallion buns/bread/bao, the results were all for mantou with scallions, flower rolls/hua juan or steamed scallion buns.

I definitely know I made some mistakes with my scallion buns. I made them round instead of the more traditional marquise shape. I also cut a slit in the top of the bun (where I add a spoonful of scallion/oil mixture before it goes into the oven) too late in the process. I think I should’ve cut the slit right before the final dough rise and then added the scallion/oil topping right before I baked the buns.


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  1. >You were totally right! I tried looking up scallion buns (even in Chinese!) and only came up this recipe. http://mypaper.pchome.com.tw/suzie10/post/1241363407I translated it crudely, so forgive me if it’s not totally accurate. Ingredients:Egg 25g60g sugar1 teaspoon salt15g yeast*Water 225g415g bread flour1 tablespoon milk powder50g butterFilling:100g scallion 50g butter18g bread crumbs (panko?)1 eggBlack pepper, salt, sugar, to tasteDirections1. Mix together the dry ingredients. Add egg and water and knead together until smooth. Add butter and knead until elastic, about 15-20 minutes. Let rise until doubled or tripled in size. 2. For filling, chop scallions into small pieces. Melt butter and mix filling ingredients together. 3. After dough has risen, divide into 35g pieces. Let rest for 10 minutes and form into balls. Let rise for 25 minutes. 4. Slit the bun tops with a small knife and top with filling. Let rest for 10 minutes. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. *The blogger said she only used 7g yeast and it still worked. Hope this helps!

  2. >wow! Thanks for much for the link and translation. That was super helpful. I've bookmarked the page and copied your translation. I'll definitely give the recipe a try soon 🙂

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