Weekend Hauls & Gifts – More CVS Clearance Purchases

After scoring some major deals last week at CVS’ bi-annual clearance sale I decided to go back and grab some more things.

I actually made two purchases.

In my first purchase a few days ago, I got three Rimmel items: Santa Rose blush, Spring Flower blush, and Marine Blue nail polish. All three items were marked down 75%. I used three $1 off Rimmel coupons + $1 ECB. With tax that made my total $0.26. woohoo!

I went back to store today because I had forgotten to look at the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes. I really like the formula and brush on these but they’re usually $8-$9 per bottle. Lavender Cloud and Yellow Kitty both had the orange sticker of death on them. I grabbed Yellow Kitty but decided to skip Lavender Cloud which just looked too white in person. I didn’t have any coupons so with tax my total came out to $2.30. Not too bad.

I stopped by my local Dollar Tree next.

I was so impressed with the L.A. Colors trios that I purchased last time that I decided to try three of their 10-color eye shadow palettes. I think these palettes are relatively new. A few bloggers here and there have mentioned them but I only saw them at my Dollar Tree today.

I decided to get Adore (grays, purples, pinks), Splash (blues, greens, yellow), and Parfait (mix of bright colors).

But this next item(s) is my favorite out of everything I got this week.

Jell-O Flan!!!!!!

My sister’s boyfriend purchased a whole big box of them off of amazon.com for me. You don’t know how hard it is to find Jell-O Flan where I live nowadays.

Back when I was in grade school every supermarket carried Jell-O Flan and it used to cost $1 for 3 boxes. The packaging has changed over the years (it used to come in a blue box) but the product itself has remained the same.

These days hardly any major supermarket carries this product. I can only find it in Hispanic/Latino-dominant neighborhoods and even then one box costs almost $2 now. Pfft.

Although it’s supposed to be a Spanish style product, if you’re Asian (especially Japanese or Taiwanese) you should be really familiar with the taste/texture of this product but you’d probably know it as “pudding“. I used to spend my summers in Taiwan and I always bought and kept in the fridge pre-made, prepackaged, single-serving cups of “pudding”. They were so good and these Jell-O Flan taste exactly like them!

The texture isn’t firm and jiggly like gelatin. It’s not soft and creamy like traditional western-style puddings either. I would describe the texture as kind of like silken tofu, the softest type of tofu, which is really delicate and silky smooth.

The best thing about Jell-O Flan is how easy it is to make. If you know how to boil milk or water, then you can make Jell-O Flan because that’s all that’s required.

I love Jell-O Flan and totally recommend it. It’s so cool and refreshing on a hot day.

Other brands like Goya make flan as well but I only like Jell-O flan. Other brands tend to add too much salt which throws the flavor profile all out of whack, in my opinion, and the custard sometimes feels a bit grainy. Jell-O Flan just has a simple, clean, not-too-sweet milk, vanilla, and caramel flavor with a silky texture. And since this product doesn’t contain or require eggs, there’s no eggy flavor. Loves!!!!

I believe you can get a pack of 18 Jell-O Flan off of amazon.com for $22.25 but if your supermarket stocks this product, I would definitely suggest trying one small box out.

The only kitchen supplies you need are some ramekin, bowls, cups, or molds to put the flan into. One box of Jell-O Flan makes 4 servings.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Hauls & Gifts – More CVS Clearance Purchases

  1. >That looks like a fun haul, I really like the polishes you picked up! Mm I totally gotta see if I can find JellO flan, I didn't know brands could make that much of a difference!

  2. >wow… gotta see if i can try to find one of those boxes of jello flan…. that's a lot of jello flan u got there.. XD

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