CoverGirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation

Last month I received a full sized sample of the CoverGirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation from BzzAgent to try. If you’re curious about BzzAgent you can read my previous blog entry about the organization here.

I’ve been testing out the NatureLuxe foundation for the past month and here are my thoughts on it… 

When I initially joined the BzzAgent CoverGirl campaign I identified myself as having light skin and the two shades they suggested for me were the lightest shade Alabaster and the second lightest shade Flax. Based on the online swatches, I chose Flax because I have yellow-toned skin and it looked less pink than Alabaster.

The NatureLuxe foundation comes in a light, portable plastic squeeze tube. The product dispenses through a little nozzle.

The foundation has a light, creamy texture and blends really easily into the skin. I used my fingers to apply and didn’t experience any streaking.

The product has a light fragrance that I can’t quite identify. I’ve heard it said that it smells like cucumber but NatureLuxe smells more grassy to me. Not like fresh mown grass but a general fresh plant + perfume smell. I don’t find the fragrance overwhelming and it does fade as soon as I start blending the foundation into my face.

I was really excited to try this particular foundation out because I heard/read oily skinned people complaining that it didn’t have any (or little) oil-control, has a dewy finish, and left them looking oily or greasy by midday. For someone who’s at the other end of the skin type spectrum (i.e. dry/very dry skin, doesn’t get oily throughout the day) the NatureLuxe Silk Foundation sounded like it was right up my alley.

Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations.

Before I get to the cons I would like to mention the pros. I love the packaging. It’s simple and effective. The one thing I hate is bulky, heavy packaging. I can easily toss the NatureLuxe foundation tube into my purse and it doesn’t take up much room at all.

I also love the texture which feels like a light textured moisturizing cream or tinted moisturizer. It doesn’t settle into fine lines or pores and, while it doesn’t make them totally vanish, the foundation does make my large pores appear not so big. Plus, the foundation doesn’t contain any shimmer or glitter which I totally appreciate.

Now moving on to the cons. I was disappointed with the coverage and finish of the NatureLuxe Silk Foundation.

The NatureLuxe Silk Foundation isn’t dewy on my skin at all. I really covet that moist, dewy look and I would describe this specific product as semi-matte at best. It does accentuate any dry patches so dry skinned people need to exfoliate well before application.

In the photo below I’ve blended the foundation on my entire hand, then removed the bottom half (below the dotted line) with a makeup remover wipe so you can see the natural texture/finish of my skin compared to the NatureLuxe Silk Foundation. The part above the dotted line definitely looks more matte than the area below the dotted line. Also, I’m not sure if my camera shows it properly but Flax is a little too pink/orange for my skin. I hope you’ll be able to see the color difference between the upper section of my hand and my wrist. I probably could’ve gone with the lightest NatureLuxe shade.

The coverage (or lack thereof) also disappointed.

I suffer from hyperpigmentation on my face. In the photo below I’m showing you a blotchy, dark patch of skin on the side of my face. It’s kind of like a very compact cluster of freckles. In real life this dark area is about 1.5 inches in length and about 0.5 inches wide. From a distance it looks like someone dipped their finger in a slightly darker shade of foundation and ran it down the side of my face. Understandably, when I buy a foundation I want it to be able to even out my skintone and make that dark patch less noticeable if not invisible.

In the photo below, I have a blob of unblended foundation next to that dark patch. I’m not sure why the foundation is showing up so light in the photo. You already saw how much darker it is in the swatch on my hand, and my face is actually lighter than my hands and arms. It must be the lighting washing it out. I was racing the sun. The sun was setting and I wanted to take the photos in natural light, so I had to photograph facing the light. I think the sunlight is also giving my face the illusion of dewiness. My skin is naturally matte, almost to the point of dullness. And, yes, I did make sure to moisturize 15-20 minutes prior to applying the foundation. The one good thing about having dry skin is I never have to powder my face.

In the photo below I’ve blended the foundation into my skin and, as you can probably tell, that area of hyperpigmentation doesn’t appear to have been affected much. If anything, the slight pink tint of the foundation only made my dark patch appear cooler in tone (i.e. more of a cool tan instead of a warm tan color).

I did go on to layer the foundation in an attempt to build the coverage but it didn’t make a difference.

I would describe the coverage of this foundation as sheer to light. It didn’t cover my hyperpigmentation and it also failed to cover any redness, acne scars, and dark circles. I definitely needed a separate concealer to conceal any imperfections.

In my opinion, instead of calling it a foundation, CoverGirl should have introduced this product as a tinted moisturizer. I probably would’ve been less disappointed with the coverage if it had been called a TM. I guess I expect more from a foundation.

But the thing I dislike the most about the NatureLuxe Silk Foundation is that it leaves my face feeling very sticky. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin but I happened to touch my face after I’d finished photographing and was shocked by how sticky it felt. It’s sort of like that sticky residue that a lot of sunscreens leave behind on the skin.

I’m not a person who touches their face often/at all throughout the day but I expected a softer, smoother, not to mention non-sticky finish from a product that calls itself a “Silk Foundation.” Am I alone? Wouldn’t you expect a Silk Foundation to feel silky smooth rather than tacky to the touch?

The CoverGirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation is available in 14 shades and can be found at drugstores. It retails for $9-$14.


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