What’s Mimsy Eating? Bagels and more Melonpan

I decided to give bagels a shot this time around. I used the recipe from that baking book my mother brought back home from Taiwan.

For a first try I don’t think they came out that bad at all but I’ll try harder next time making sure the surface is smoother. They tasted good which is all that really matters to me. The outside was nice and crusty, and the inside was soft and a little chewy.

Looking at the picture in the book I expected the bagels to all come out normal sized but they actually turned out to be mini bagels.

The left pic is the dough after it’s risen. The right pic is after I’ve shaped them into bagels.

I reused the parchment paper from the time I made melonpan. That’s why the paper’s brown and discolored.

I forgot to take a photo of them taking a bath. The dough first needs to be boiled for a minute in hot water before placing them in the oven to bake.

I’m planning on eating the bagels tonight with some chicken salad or perhaps some curried tuna salad. I haven’t decided yet 😀


The baking book also has a recipe for melonpan so I decided to give it a try and see how it compares to cookingwithdog’s melonpan recipe.

The major difference is that the cookie dough recipe here is flavored with lemon zest and lemon juice, so you get a little bit of sweet and sour citrus action. It’s an interesting touch.

The bread dough is also much more moist and fluffy compared to the cookingwithdog melonpan recipe and it held up pretty nicely overnight. I made them last night and when I had one this morning it wasn’t dry and stale. However, the cookie topping did feel a little too moist the next morning whereas the cookingwithdog melonpan topping stayed dry and crispy.

Unfortunately, I was using the stovetop cooking dinner last night while letting the dough rise which heated up the entire kitchen. As a result the cookie layer, which consists mostly of butter, didn’t fare too well in such warm conditions. You can pretty much tell that it was sort of falling apart before I baked them, and the surface doesn’t look as uniform like the melonpan in photo in the book 😦

I love lemony things but in the future, I think I’ll be using the cookie dough recipe from cookingwithdog’s melonpan recipe and pairing it with the bread dough recipe from the cookbook. I think it’ll be a winning combination.


3 thoughts on “What’s Mimsy Eating? Bagels and more Melonpan

  1. >Damn! I am so hungry! You are good and don't you love the Asian cookbooks! I have a couple of Non-no ones and the pix are pure food porn!

  2. >@OliviaOops, sorry ;)Yes! I'm really enjoying the cookbooks. The pictures make everything so much easier to understand. I'm definitely more of a visual person.

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