CVS Clearance Sale Mini-Haul

CVS is currently running another 50%-75% clearance sale on select items. I didn’t buy much this time but I did get score some awesome deals.

The Rimmel Sexy Curves mascaras were both marked down 75% to $2.19. The Sexy Curves waterproof mascara actually didn’t have a clearance sticker on it but when I scanned it at the red scanner box it came up with the reduced price.

I saw a Rimmel counter display nearby with $2 off coupons for Moisture Renew Lipsticks/Sexy Curves Mascaras so I used two coupons on the two mascaras, bringing the total down to $0.19 per mascara. I also grabbed an extra coupon for a future purchase.

Now the third item I purchased wasn’t part of the clearance sale but I got it anyway. It’s the Color Concept 50 eyeshadow palette. Don’t mock these cheap palettes. Some (not all) of them are surprisingly good. I’m quite pleased with the Profusion 120 e/s palette I got during the Walgreens Black Friday sale and still use it all the time.

I remember hearing You Tubers and bloggers raving about the Color Concept palette way back in November and during the January clearance sale but I never saw it at my CVS, so imagine my surprise when I finally spotted the palette today. I think my CVS is just really slow about putting out counter displays.

This little gem of a palette has been compared to the Coastal Scents 120 palette, and the Color Concept palette is supposedly a lot more pigmented. I’m excited to test it out.

The Color Concept palette is $4.99 but I had $2 ECB so I got it for $2.99. Not too bad for 50 eye shadows. That’s approximately $0.06 per eye shadow.

I’m going to go back to CVS tomorrow to grab a Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro nail polish in Blue Marine. It was marked down to a little bit over a dollar and I seriously considered grabbing it right then and there but the coupon clipper in me said, “No!” I have a $1 off any Rimmel product coupon but I forgot to put it in my purse today. I’ll bring it with me tomorrow and get that nail polish for a few pennies.

Have you purchased anything from the CVS clearance sale?

ETA: Oops, totally forget to mention that I also got a Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten. I can’t remember the exact price but I know it was $3 and change.

I’ve known about these powders for years but never considered getting one because they look really similar to the Prestige baked powders that I already own. Even the packaging looks similar. But NouveauCheap raved about the powder and since it’s so cheap I had to buy it.

The Prestige Powders (top row from left to right) are: Pure Shimmer, Glam Tan, and Rich Bronze.


4 thoughts on “CVS Clearance Sale Mini-Haul

  1. >Yay! I hauled brighten because of G too. As for Rimmel, whatever you do, DO NOT BUY Lashmaxxx waterproof. Ugh, I bought it, and it's as bad as they say on MUA. For some reason, the waterproof versions of Rimmel mascaras are craptastic. I also bought sexy curves wp. And I hope it'll be better. *fingers crossed*

  2. >@mimiMy cvs only had the clearance stickers on a handful of items. I went to the store armed with NouveauCheap blog's big list of clearance items so I knew which things to look for. @AngelicaLOL I was so curious about it after reading her blog entry :)Thanks for the heads up about the Lashmaxxx. I'll be sure to avoid it.

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