Taiwan Haul – Miscellaneous Items

This is the final blog entry about all the goodies my mother brought home for me from Taiwan. You can check out all the other things I had the pleasure of receiving here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

There are no makeup or skincare items this time so feel free to skip over this post if you’re not interested. I’ll be posting more hauls and reviews in the coming days.

Along with the two Kevin beauty books my mother also brought back some cooking and knitting books for me to enjoy. I can still appreciate these books even with my lack of Chinese reading skills because they’re so picture heavy. They follow the same format as Kevin’s books (and lots of East Asian beauty magazines) in that they have step-by-step photo guides so you know what you’re supposed to do and what the food is supposed to look like at each stage of the cooking process.

My favorite is the baking book. It has recipes that include danishes, croissants, dinner rolls, bagels, English muffins, etc. Love me some carbs!

Anyone who’s into serious baking knows that it’s a lot different than regular cooking. With home cooking you can wing it…a dash of X here, a splash of Y there. But professional baking is all about specific measurements. If you’re off a few ounces or grams it can affect the whole recipe.

I’m no pro but I enjoy baking as a hobby and I find that moving from beginner’s baking books to more intermediate and advanced baking books that the weighing of ingredients becomes more crucial. In the past, there have been many recipes I’ve wanted to try but couldn’t because I lacked a food scale 😦

Surprise, surprise! My mom brought one home for me!

It’s battery operated and extremely light. Now I can sift and weigh my flour and other ingredients like a pro. I want to give that croissant recipe a try first!


This book is all about cooking meat (duck, pork, beef, chicken, etc.) so vegetarians/vegans will probably want to stay far, far away.

Mmm…crispy roast pork. I actually love cooking roast pork with the crispy skin often but the recipe in the book is totally different than the recipe I use. I’ll have to show you guys my roast pork some time 🙂

The good thing about this meat book is that it’s Chinese/English bilingual. The Chinese recipe is printed on top and the English translation is printed below. But a little warning: there’s some sketchy Chinglish wording. For the most part the translations are rather good but in the pork recipe, for example, they tell you to “blast” the pork with the glaze. I’m pretty certain they meant to say “baste” the pork because I’m sure most people do not have dynamite or laser guns handy. Aside from the occasional strange wording the English is understandable.


My mom also brought back a knitting book. I actually prefer crocheting to knitting (not like I do either often) but the sweaters in the book actually look kind of cute on the models so I want to give a few of them a try.


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  1. >Yay! I've been on a Chinese cookbook binge of late. Have you heard about the 65 degree bread? I'm obsessed!I agree about the volume/weight thing. I used to hate recipes with weighted ingredients, but since I got a scale, it doesn't bug me anymore. Still prefer measuring cups though. Scales feel too science-labby.Happy cooking!

  2. >That knitting book looks great! Such cute sweaters. I don't really see a lot of "fashionable" knitting books with things that I would actually want to wear here in the US. I prefer crocheting over knitting too! If you try any of the sweaters, please share pictures 🙂

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