Taiwan Haul – Beauty books by Kevin 老师

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If you were to ask me what my favorite gifts are out of all the things my mother brought home for me, it would have to be these two books by Kevin Zhou.

Kevin’s a pretty famous makeup artist in Asia and is one of the resident makeup gurus on 女人我最大, a Taiwanese television beauty program (also known as the “Queen” show). Kevin (or Kevin老师 as he’s known on the show, which basically translates to Kevin-teacher) also has his own beauty line called Kevin Beautymaker that includes makeup and skincare.

I first learned of Kevin from various Asian beauty bloggers and Asian You Tubers. After that I searched for, and watched, all of the Queen show TV clips I could find that featured Kevin. It was only in the past few months or so that I learned that he’s written several beauty books, and when I heard that my mom would be going to Taiwan for several months I asked her to get me some of his books. I wanted his books in particular because he uses Asian models who have features similar to my own. I also really like his makeup style, and East Asian makeup style in general, which tends to be very soft, sheer, and natural with a strong emphasis on fresh, dewy and natural looking skin.

I can understand Mandarin pretty well but my Chinese reading skills are almost zero. However, I heard that Kevin’s books are very easy to follow because they’re chock full of photos, and it’s true. Almost every single page of the two books that I now own is overflowing with full color photos that are virtually self-explanatory.

My mom tells me that these are Kevin’s most recently published books from last year. The two books are sold together and cost US$11 for the set which I think is an awesome deal. I believe he has another two books coming out this year and perhaps I’ll get those, too, when they become available.

The books are soft cover and about the length, width, and thickness of your average beauty magazine (e.g. Allure, Lucky, ELLE).

The first book in the set is perfect for makeup beginners because it focuses mainly on basic beauty techniques such as eyebrow grooming, curling lashes, applying false lashes and mascara, how to do a simple smokey eye, and even how to apply eyelid tape.

[Don’t ask me why the camera makes my hand look the color of dead meat in the photos below. I swear it isn’t that color in real life.]

Here are a few pages from the first book:

The second book in the set is all about makeover looks, complete with Before and After shots and step-by-step photo guides of how Kevin achieved each look.

Here are a few pages from the second book:

I’ve tried looking for Kevin’s other books at Chinese bookstores in the area and I managed to find the makeover book at one location. However, the book at the store is published by a different company and looks nothing like the one my mother purchased in Taiwan for me. The book at the store is shorter, wider and thinner than my book. The paper used in the book is of a lower quality and the photos aren’t as clear/sharp. In addition, the bookstore’s book seems to be missing some content and doesn’t contain all the photos and information in mine. It’s almost like an abridged version of the book I own. The biggest difference, though, is that the bookstore is selling Kevin’s books separately for $7 instead of as a set as it’s meant to be sold.