Shopping Failure (Naruko store in Flushing, NY)

If you’re following any Asian bloggers or You Tubers chances are that you’ve heard them raving about a Taiwanese skincare line called Naruko. The prices per product aren’t cheap but they’re reasonable, and the ingredients are supposed to be very natural yet effective.

As the number of You Tube and blogger raves increase, so does my lemming for Naruko products. However, up until now I’ve managed to restrain myself from purchasing online, which used to be the only way most of us living outside Taiwan could get our hands on items from the brand. I don’t want to pay international shipping which can be quite expensive. Also, I don’t want to invest in any skincare product without first seeing it in person or sampling it.

But yesterday I found out that Naruko had an English language website and when I checked their store locations I discovered that they had just opened one up in a neighborhood that I go to every week when I shop for groceries. I was shocked and delighted.

Today, I was on a mission to find the Naruko store. And I found it…but it wasn’t open yet. I should’ve checked the store hours. I got there at 10:00 a.m. They don’t open until noon. Sigh.

The Naruko store is located in Flushing, NY, right on Main Street in the heart of Queen’s Chinatown. There’s also a side entrance on Roosevelt Avenue. I actually prefer Flushing’s Chinatown to Manhattan’s Chinatown because most people in Flushing speak Mandarin instead of Cantonese (which I totally don’t understand).
The Naruko store’s on the second floor of the New World Mall, a brand new shopping center that just opened earlier this month so everything inside is shiny and clean. To get to the store, you have to take the escalator up one level from the Jmart grocery store.

The store itself  is pretty small, about the size of a Shiseido boutique that you often find inside Asian shopping centers. There’s a giant poster of Niu-er, Naurko’s founder and skincare guru from the Taiwanese “Queen” show, in the store window. You can’t miss it!

I tried to Google (satellite) Map the Naruko store location but I don’t think their database is updated yet; they still have photos of the old, dilapidated building that used to be there.

The New World Mall is so new that half the stores inside are still empty and don’t have any tenants yet. Part of the building actually seems to be still under construction; the elevators didn’t appear to be in operation yet and I could still see some drywall on the lower level.

I live on Long Island so I only drive into Flushing, which is about 40 minutes away from me, once a week or every other week. Maybe next week I’ll visit Naruko…when it’s open, of course.

If you live in NYC, it’s super easy to find the Naruko boutique/New World Mall. Take the #7 subway all the way to the end of the line. Main Street, Flushing is the #7’s last stop. Ask anybody and they should be able to direct you to the New World Mall. It’s literally less than a block away from the subway station.

Oh, by the way, the Jmart grocery store on Level 1 carries Salux wash cloths that seem to be growing in popularity in the online beauty community. They cost $2.99 each there. I picked one up for myself to see what all the fuss is about.


7 thoughts on “Shopping Failure (Naruko store in Flushing, NY)

  1. >Nice!!!! I wish they had a Naruko boutique here. I really hope you show us what you buy. I'm desperate as hell to try their skincare but like you, I'm hesitant of their shipping prices and not being able to feel it first :p

  2. >Thanks for the tip! I hate trekking out to a store only to find out it's closed. The website says that there's a retail location in the Bay Area too. Looks like I'll be hunting for Naruko as well. πŸ™‚

  3. >I go to Flushing at least once a week because I live really nearby and the other day I was browsing the new mall with my boyfriend with really low hopes. When I saw the Naruko store I had to contain my excitement πŸ˜€ I didn't want to bore my boyfriend too much so I'll go back and visit another time. I actually found your blog by googling "Naruko flushing" to see if anyone knew the prices there πŸ˜€ Following~

  4. >Woww~ luckyyy~ >< I wish there was a Naruko store in California! ): I will definitely buy some when I go back to China!! ^^

  5. >@Rainy Days and LattesOh, definitely. I have my eye on a few things from the Narcissus and Magnolia lines. @AngelicaI was so disappointed that the store was closed. I made a special trip there and gas is so expensive these days :(@AngelicBetrayal Thanks so much for following. I love your blog btw, been following yours for awhile now πŸ˜€ If you get any Naruko products I hope you tell us all about them.@mimiYou may be in luck. They don't seem to have an actual Naruko store in California but there are two stores that carry Naruko products in the LA and San Fransisco area. I don't know if you live near either location but if you do it might be worth investigating :)I'll link Naruko's "Where to Buy" page here:

  6. >I made a list of some products I definitely want to try but there are a lot of tempting products! I'm trying to refine my skincare routine and spend less on actual makeup since I have a lot of point (color) makeup. I'll definitely do a comprehensive post once I check the store out and possibly make some purchases! I hope the prices are the same as their US site which is quite reasonable.

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