My Beauty Diary Q10 Rejuvenating Sheet Mask & Weird Gadget #2

Last night I finally tried one of the many, many sheet masks my mother sent from Taiwan. I picked the My Beauty Diary – Q10 Rejuvenating sheet mask.

The sheet mask comes in a little plastic envelope. One envelope is good for one use, and 10 envelopes come in a box (you can see a pic of the box here).

Inside the envelope, the sheet mask comes folded with a piece of plastic that’s exactly the same size and shape as the sheet mask. The plastic is disposable; it’s simply there so you can unfold the wet sheet mask more easily.

This is the product description from the My Beauty Diary (English version) website:

Main Ingredients:
Q10, lecithin
– anti-oxidant; reduces the damage caused by active oxygen to skin; restores a youthful and firm look to face
hyaluronic acid
– stimulates synthesis of collagen, maintains moisturization of skin; offers skin’s firmness and resilience

rejuvenates skin with soft, whiten and firm look
nourishing, soothing, firming
for use on normal skin, especially recommended for aging skin lacking elasticity

Here’s the full list of ingredients. Sorry, this was the best pic I could get with my camera (hmm…maybe I should’ve used the scanner instead).

Since the website says this is suitable for normal skin I wasn’t sure it would be hydrating enough for my dry skin. Boy, was I wrong.

If you’ve never tried a sheet mask, the mask itself is made of material similar to that of sturdy makeup remover wipes (not cheap, thin ones). The sheet mask comes generously soaked in serum (or “essence”). Very generous actually. It’s definitely very wet but not to the point where it’s dripping.

The mask has cutouts so it fits onto your face while still allowing you to see, breathe and speak.

The serum has sort of a floral (rose?) scent but it’s very soft and not overpowering at all.

The Q10 serum seems to have a high content of glycerin because it has that distinctive slick, slippery texture. The feel of it reminds me a lot of my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum.

I placed the mask on my face for the suggested time of 20-30 minutes. I had expected the mask to dry out by the end of that period but the mask was still almost as wet as when I first put it on my face. I didn’t want to waste the product so I rubbed the excess on my neck, decollete, back of my hands, etc. Hey, the rest of my body needs some loving, too πŸ˜€

When I took the mask off and looked at my face in the mirror I noticed that my skin was visibly hydrated and plumped with moisture, and my pores looked a lot smaller. My face was still shiny, wet, and felt quite slick/slippery/sticky from the serum (which you’re not supposed to wash off because it’s a skin treatment) and I thought that perhaps the serum would not get absorbed. However, after about 10-15 minutes the serum finally sank in and my face felt very smooth, looked brighter, and there was no sticky residue left. After that, I applied my usual nighttime moisturizer and eye cream and went to bed.

I don’t want to go mask crazy because it could really develop into an expensive habit so for now I’m planning on using one mask per week and maybe build up from there if I feel the need. I’m definitely pleased with the results so far. My skin feels and looks amazing the morning after.

The only downside, and I’m not even sure if it was real or imagined, is that I thought my face started feeling a little bit itchy/tingly 15-20 minutes into wearing the face mask. It could’ve just been my mind playing tricks on me, though, because I was feeling impatient just lying on the couch, trying to keep still. I think so because when I removed the mask the itching feeling went away even though my face was still very wet with “essence”. Also, my skin didn’t look red or irritated at all afterward.

The weird gadget I’m sharing with you today is another item my mother brought back from Taiwan.

It looks like some kinky device but the box says it’s a whitening cleansing device.

Now when Asians say whitening they usually don’t mean bleaching the skin. They’re talking about fading sunspots, hyperpigmentation, blemish and acne scars for a clearer, more even complexion. East Asians are very concerned with healthy, glowy, porcelain skin. I think it’s a historical/cultural/social class thing that’s carried over from a time when tanned/freckled skin meant that you were poor since you had to labor in the fields under the harsh sun, whereas pale skin meant that you were wealthy enough to stay indoors in the shade. It’s not about being White/Caucasian. I hate when people say that. Asians were concerned about clear, healthy skin long before Europeans set foot in Asia.

Anyway, the whitening device is battery operated. There’s no manual included so I assume you just hold it to your face. I’m not sure of the purpose behind the pointy end, and I’m not exactly sure what makes this a cleansing device. It feels and looks very cheap, so I’m almost positive it isn’t waterproof.

My mom mostly got it for me as a gag gift. She knows I like crazy gizmos. I just wanted to mention that in case you think she’s a sucker who actually believes the device will work. I think I’ll drop dead in shock if it does. I’m just hoping it doesn’t electrocute me πŸ˜›

5 thoughts on “My Beauty Diary Q10 Rejuvenating Sheet Mask & Weird Gadget #2

  1. >Oh i've been loving trying on different masks. I've used some from TheFaceShop but I really want to try beauty diaries. That gizmo looks scary!

  2. >@sophiesdishLOL And I kind of want to try TheFaceShop masks πŸ˜‰ I've heard a lot of good things about the brand. I think I've seen one of their stores before in a Korean neighborhood but I've never gone inside. I'll have to check the place out next time. @Rainy Days and Lattes Oh, definitely! I'm curious about it myself πŸ˜€

  3. >I always feel a weird irritation when I use MBD masks too. Don't know why, bah. My mom's a big fan of miracle products too. In my teens, she bought $200 worth of "height-enhancing" pills for me. They smelled like fish food and I'm still a stubby 5'2". πŸ˜›

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