L.A. Colors – Shooting Star

The Shooting Star trio consists of a purple, turquoise, and pink shade. All three eye shadows have a shimmery sheen – no chunky glitter – and really good color payoff.

The pigmentation of the turquoise shade really impressed me. It’s gorgeous!

In case you’re wondering whether or not the Shooting Star trio is worth getting if you already own the Tiki Punch trio (or vice versa) since they both contain pinks, I’ve taken a few comparison photos.

The dark pink in the Tiki Punch trio is more fuchsia and the light pink in the same trio is a lot paler and sheerer compared to the pink in the Shooting Star trio.

Personally, I would grab both trios. Although they contain similar shades, there are visible differences between the trios. Besides, they’re extremely inexpensive.

You can find this trio, as well as other L.A. Colors trios, at Dollar Tree for $1 each.


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