Taiwan beauty haul – Part 2 – and Weird Gadget #1

Today I’ll be showing you the hair styling related gifts that my mother brought home from Taiwan. Most, if not all, of the items were purchased from street vendors and the local night market

I’ve been into wearing my hair in a big, fat, high bun lately so she bought me a few backups of my favorite bun makers (the two black things in the back of the photo above). I first learned about these things from BeautyQQ on YouTube but Fuzkittie did a really good demonstration of how to use the device in one of her videos, too.

These foam bun makers work a lot better for me than a sock bun [which was a total FAIL. Hair was slipping out all over the place. It didn’t work and I wasted a sock]. The foam gives my bun a lot more volume so I’m able to achieve a more massive bun. My mom got me bun makers in the regular and small sizes.

I also received two bun makers (one in brown, one in black) that remind me of pot scrubbers. These work the same way as sock buns so I don’t have a lot of hope that they’ll work on me but we’ll see…

Next, she bought one of these headband doohickey things just for laughs. I’ve actually seen a similar item demo’d on an American home shopping channel…but for a lot more than what my mom paid. It’s simply a loop of fabric that you’re supposed to be able to wear in a myriad of ways (e.g. scarf, do-rag, hat, headband, hood, etc.). I think the pattern is a little hideous so I won’t be wearing it out. Not that I would if the pattern wasn’t hideous, though. It’s just not my style. :p

The final hair styling product she brought back is rather gimmicky but she knows I enjoy looking at, and playing with, gadgets and gizmos. For example, I’m fascinated by stuff I see in infomercials. I always wonder if any of those items really work the way they’re supposed to.

This hair gadget is supposed to give straight hair perfect spiral curls. I think you’re supposed to use them while your hair is still damp and keep them on until your hair dries.

It comes with a bag of spiral shaped curlers in various lengths. I believe the pink ones are the longest ones, and the green the shortest. The curlers are made of a flexible plastic/nylon material that has a mesh pattern. I guess the mesh is so the curlers are breathable, allowing your damp hair to dry thoroughly while you have them in your hair.

The curlers are quite stretchy. You can pull them straight but they’ll snap back into a spiral. Also, at first glance it appears that the curlers are a flat plastic in a spiral shape but they’re actually hollow. Each end of a curler has a rubber “mouth” that opens.

The gadget also comes with a long, white plastic hook. It comes in two pieces that you snap together.

At first, I was a little confused about how to use the device but the reason behind the hook and the “mouths” on the curlers soon became clear.

What you have to do is slip the hook through the opening of a spiral curler so that the spiral curler becomes completely straight. You then slip a section of hair through the hook at the top. After that, you pull the section of hair entirely through the curler. Once you pull the hook out of the curler, the straightened curler will snap back into its spiral shape but now your hair’s inside of it.

I’ve only tried the spiral curlers on dry hair so far and it’s a little awkward putting the curlers in my hair by myself. It’s easier if you have someone else doing it for you.

It’s also a little painful removing the curlers. It felt a little like I was yanking my hair out by the roots.

I’ve seen a lot of Asian products that eventually catch on in the USA. I wonder if I’ll soon be seeing this gadget on an infomercial 😀


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  1. >Interesting! I really love these haul posts you do from packages your mom sends you. It's cool to see the different products from Asian companies. 🙂

  2. >@StephYay! I'm so happy to hear (read) that people are enjoying these blog posts. @Angelicaomg, hairagami. Yes, I rememeber those! LOL

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