Dollar Tree L.A. Colors trios haul

Clockwise from the top left the trios are: Lemon Grove, Shooting Star, Southern Belle, Boardwalk, Moon Rock, Grassy Knoll, Sand Dune, Tiki Punch

My collection is now complete…I think. As far as I know, only eight of these L.A. Colors trios have been spotted at the Dollar Tree and now I have them all. Muahahaha. Let me know if I’m missing any.

Swatches will have to wait because it’s super cloudy today and it’s supposed to be really rainy tomorrow.

The photo above was taken indoors and the camera flash washed out several shades. For instance, the flash makes it seem as if the two lighter green shades in the Grassy Knoll trio are almost identical but there are obvious differences when I look at them in person. Same with some of the aqua blues, purples, and pinks.


5 thoughts on “Dollar Tree L.A. Colors trios haul

  1. >Oooh, love the colors! There are so many.. I never see any of these at my Dollar Tree 😦 I have none of the trios, but I have three of the 12-shadow palettes and two 5-shadow palettes.

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