What I’m Loving at the Moment: Japanese Sweet Potatoes

This is totally random and non-beauty related but I’m just really loving Japanese sweet potatoes at the moment. 

Usually, I can only get them during the Fall season but lately I’ve been seeing them quite frequently at the local Chinese and Korean markets. They’re not that expensive either, usually $0.69-$0.79 per pound.

If you’ve never had a Japanese sweet potato, I’ll try to describe it. The outside skin is a reddish color and the flesh on the inside is a pale whitish yellow color that gets more yellowy golden when you cook it.

What sets the Japanese sweet potato apart from its American counterpart besides the fact that American sweet potatoes are orange inside are the texture and flavor.

The Japanese sweet potato when cooked is a lot more dry and starchy. I don’t really like American sweet potatoes because the texture (when cooked) reminds me of baby food; they’re quite wet and soft which makes them okay to mash for casseroles or pies but I don’t really like eating them on their own.

In contrast, the Japanese sweet potato has a firmer texture similar to that of a regular baked potato (e.g. Russet, Idaho) but not quite as dry.

The flavor of a roasted Japanese sweet potato is delicate and sweet, and very reminiscent of roasted chestnuts.

I’m sure these sweet potatoes would be great roasted over an open fire but I’m not very outdoorsy so it’s the modern convenience of an electric oven for me. I put my sweet potatoes in a oven-safe dish, covered with aluminum foil at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour (or until soft). I usually poke them with a chopstick or knife to check for done-ness which is why my sweet potatoes in the photos have holes in them 😀

When they’re baked tender the skin loosens up and separates from the flesh so they’re really easy to peel. The skin acts as a natural wrapper/holder so no extra utensils required. I just hold the potato in one hand and eat, and I peel the skin away as I munch.


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  1. >ooh, purple yams sound delish. I'll have to see if any of the markets nearby sell them when I go shopping this week. Thanks for the rec, ladies 🙂

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