Introducing eBay watches #3 and #4

The third and fourth watches from my eBay cheapo watch haul arrived in the mail today. I purchased both watches on the same day but they’re from two different sellers. 

I know some of you are probably looking at the purple watch and thinking, “that’s so childish” and it’s true that this particular watch is actually listed as a children’s watch by some sellers. What can I say, I guess I was in a childish mood that day but it seemed really funky, colorful and fun to me.

The watch reminds me of those charity “awareness” bracelets (e.g. Livestrong bracelets), Silly Bandz and the really thin jelly bracelets that I remember from my own childhood in the ’80s-’90s. Watch #3 is made of a similar rubbery silicone material BUT it tells time, too. LOL. Plus, I think the purple color’s really pretty.

I think it looks cool and casual on my wrist but out of all the watches I’ve purchased from eBay so far this watch is probably the cheapest looking one. You can tell just by looking at the plastic watch face.

This watch is also quite difficult to wear and I can understand why so many sellers list this item as a children’s watch. I thought I had thin hands and wrists but it was a bit of a struggle getting the watch onto my wrist despite the fact that this watch is made of a stretchy, silicone material. It has a little bit of give but it’s not that stretchy. I had to sort of slowly roll the watch up my fingers and hand and onto my wrist. I was afraid of stretching the watch too much and snapping the watch into pieces.

In my opinion, I think this watch would definitely be better for kids and tweens with small hands rather than adults. It’s so light and comfortable on the wrist that I can hardly feel it. I doubt it’s waterproof though.

I purchased the purple watch for $1.92 with free shipping, and it took 11 days to arrive in the mail from China. I’ll link the seller here. I’m not affiliated with this seller in any way except for being a satisfied customer.

The next watch, watch #4, is probably my favorite out of all the eBay watches I’ve purchased so far because it combines the best characteristics of all the watches I’ve bought in one.

Watch #4 has that contrasting skinny watch band and large watch face that I think is so cool about watch #1; however, the watch band is adjustable and much more secure. I don’t have to worry about watch #4 accidentally falling off my wrist the way I do with watch #1.

In addition, watch #4’s band is made of that light silicone material that I like about watch #3 but with a far nicer glass watch face. The face has sort of a frosted glass finish which is rather interesting in my opinion.

Watch #4’s band is also a lot more comfortable than the stiff, faux leather band of watch #2, and the watch face is also a bit smaller than watch #2’s. I feel that watch #2 looks too big for my hand. Watch #4 is more feminine and dainty in comparison.

In fact, I like watch #4 so much I decided to get another one in black right after I received the white one. AND I’m actually considering getting a few more colors. That’s how much I like it.

I purchased this watch for $2.37 with free shipping. Unfortunately, the seller I bought the white watch from no longer has any more watches or items up for sale so I can’t link you. However, here are some other sellers who have the same watch up for sale in a bunch of other colors in addition to white: A and B. I’m not affiliated with either seller and I’ve never purchased from them so I can’t vouch for either one. I chose two random sellers to list here but there are many, many other eBayers selling the same watch so you may want to look around because it’s likely you’ll find an eBayer selling this watch for even less.

3 thoughts on “Introducing eBay watches #3 and #4

  1. >Oh I really like the magenta color. I was actually looking on ebay for the watches the same time. I ended up getting a multi-color ribbon one. Do you have any suggestions for cute digital watches??

  2. >LOL What a coincidence 🙂 The ribbon watch sounds lovely.Sorry, no. I think all my watches are traditional watches with hands.

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